I just couldn’t stay away from TaoBao. Shopping is my all-time addiction and it never gets easier to shop online via 65DaiGou on TaoBao which offers affordable goodies! And the amount of items I got this time was crazy!

The total weight of my items is 12.89KG so the shipping fee that I paid is S$52.30. Additionally, agent fee (S$22.27) is chargeable as well. I had a coupon code for their May SEA promotion (10% off) so I paid a total of S$69.34 in addition to the items I paid for. That amounts to around S$1.80 each. Prices below are before these charges.

What is 65DaiGou?

Check this out to find out more. :)

Before I jump into showing you all the goodies that I’ve got, here’s 4 simple steps on how you can shop on TaoBao like me via 65DaiGou!

It’s easy, convenient and really hassle-free.


1. Head over to www.65daigou.com and login. Register for a free account if you haven’t already!
2. Start shopping at Sea.Taobao.com to see what you like. Here, you can see this pair of White shoes that I really want.
3. Copy and paste the item’s link into the Ez-Buy bar.
4. Choose the necessary options and check out! You are DONE!

A dress made more for petite girls, I’m surprised that I’m able to wear it. The material isn’t the best but decent enough. The jewelled neckline is gorgeous but not very well made. My hair keeps getting stuck between the gems and let me tell you that it’s super painful! Also, the dress is a tad too short for my liking. Otherwise, a gorgeous piece.

Miss Rusty Taobao Haul 2014 Mesh Dress Closeup

Miss Rusty Taobao Haul 2014 Mesh Dress


These look awesome don’t they? Albeit long, the amount of hair you get per piece is pretty substantial. They’ll probably look more fake in real life than in pictures. But I think with the right technique to cut the extensions according to your face shape, they’ll look great. I love all the different colours that they offer! No harm trying.

Miss Rusty Taobao Haul 2014 Hair


I have always wanted a bucket bag and when I saw this, I knew that I just had to get it. It has the perfect size and the quality seems good on the website. Fortunately, it was what I have expected and now I love this bag so much that I’m considering getting it in another colour! But I won’t and instead, I am recommending you to get it. The material and workmanship of the bag is pretty good and it does hold quite a number of things. Perfect as an everyday bag!

Miss Rusty Taobao Haul 2014 Bag

FOLDABLE FLATS (¥39; S$8.30)

As a lady who loves wearing heels, I absolutely eed this in my bag for emergencies! I have been searching for these foldable flats for a long time but Singapore only has those pioneer brand and it costs over $70! The quality of these TaoBao ones are awesome and looks really cute too. It comes in a transparent pouch and wears really comfortably as well. A definite must buy!

Miss Rusty Taobao Haul 2014 Foldable Flats


What’s disappointing about this purchase despite its cuteness is that it’s marketed as a light umbrella when it’s not! It’s bulky as well so I have to leave this out of my bag. Will use it none the less, just not bringing it out on an everyday basis.

Miss Rusty Taobao Haul 2014 Umbrella

23″ HEART UKULELE (¥132; S$28.09)

I was born with a musical bone in me and have been exposed to music ever since I was a child. I’m quite familiar to string instruments and have always wanted to own a Ukulele. Not only is it small thus saving space, it’s also light and easy to bring around if I ever need to someday. If you are considering to get one, I’d totally recommend getting from this seller! I was praying that it would be shipped carefully and indeed it was! There’s even a FRAGILE sticker on it. And it’s only S$30 or so for the set.

Miss Rusty Taobao Haul 2014 Ukulele 2

Miss Rusty Taobao Haul 2014 Ukulele


Not too much of a fan of this pouch as the quality is thin and rather so-so. I’d probably just use this to store my extra makeup brushes at home.


Now this pouch I would highly recommend. The quality is pretty awesome and the size of the smaller one which I got is just perfect for my bag. I now use it as my makeup pouch that I bring around in my wine red bucket bag!



Costing less than $10, the quality of the shoes aren’t the greatest. However, it’s still acceptable and it does help that the design of the shoes are cute! I’m into the chunky heels trend right now. Not only are they more comfortable to wear and walk with, the chunky back heels look good as well! Would I recommend this? Only if you love to experiment with different shoes and not looking for a pair that lasts for a long time.


Aren’t these the most gorgeous shoes? I chanced upon it online and knew that I have to get it immediately. And just look at the price! It’s only less than $5. I tried it on and it fits perfectly. The heel is rather thin and I’m not used to it, so it’s pretty difficult for me to walk in. But overall, it’s a gorgeous pair of shoes that I’m willing to ‘suffer’ for!


NUDE CHUNKY PUMPS (¥32.50; S$6.91)
http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=37400193874&spm=2014.12193480.0.0 - WRONG LINK

Another pair of shoes?! Yes, I’ve gone pretty crazy for shoes in this shipment. But these are lovely. It isn’t the most flattering cut since it doesn’t make my feet look smaller. But they are still pretty comfortable and perfect for everyday wear.


NUDE CHUNKY HEELS (¥59; S$12.55)

I have always wanted such a pair of nude pumps like these and now I have them! They are pretty comfortable but if you have wider feet, I wouldn’t recommend them. But these look so cute and the height of the heels isn’t too high which is great. Except for the front feet area, the shoes are pretty comfortable. Now I’m tempted to get all the other yummy colours as well!


http://65daigou.com/Production/AgentProductDetail.aspx?id=20116405312 (¥26.99; S$5.74)
http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=19953665734&spm=2014.12193480.0.0 (¥13.99; S$2.98)
http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=35650943873&spm=2014.12193480.0.0 (¥12.99; S$2.76)
http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=37289738945&spm=2014.12193480.0.0 (¥15.90; S$3.38)
http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=36420626610&spm=2014.12193480.0.0 (¥12; S$2.55)

Pretty decent accessories if you are looking for affordable ones!



I have clothed my iPad Mini in thick cases so far and it’s so heavy that I rarely bring it out. So getting a thin case for it seems like a wise choice. So glad that it only costs $4 and is of a decent quality! Have I also mentioned that it’s now a permanent resident in my wine red bucket bag too?


GUA SHA DEVICE (¥19.90; S$4.23)

I want a slimmer face and I am hoping that this traditional facial massage (Gua Sha) will work. The item itself is very cooling, somehow seems like it’s made from ceramic-stone like material and feels good on the face. However, I can’t guarantee that it works in slimming down the facial contours other than it feels really good.



I hate how wet my hair gets when I wash my face in the morning and how loose strands get stuck after applying my moisturizer. So a headband seems like the perfect solution. Only less than $3, this headband is the softest thing ever! Even softer than some of my plush toys. Not to mention the colours and bow make it too cute to resist.



WHITE BOARD (¥39.00; S$8.30)

For those who wants to save space by storing belongings vertically. I got to say that the workmanship and quality of the wood isn’t the best. But it’s only a few bucks!


STORAGE BOXES (¥17.91; S$3.81)

I wanted a box to store my accessories and other miscellaneous items. The quality of the box is so-so but the size is a little smaller than what I was expecting.


SAFETY SHORTS (¥3.99-¥4.80; S$0.85-S$1.02)

Cheap and good, nothing else to say about these. In Singapore, safety shorts are going for at least $5 per pair so it’s wise to get them from TaoBao. So far no problems and I’m really liking them.

ZARA SHIRT (¥42; S$8.94)

A total disappointment. Do not buy! Firstly, the size doesn’t fit me and the quality is bad. A total waste of money. :( It fits my sister though and she’s the one modelling it in the picture below.


CHIFFON DRESSES (¥19.81; S$4.21)

These dresses are pretty nice and I’m glad that I got them in 2 colours. Flowy and very flattering. I wore them so much and it’s so worth it! Am totally recommending it!

SKORTS (¥19.90; S$4.23)

Extremely sad that I couldn’t fit in this. This once again is my sister modelling it. She’s usually a Size S and I bought Size L. 



So here’s the round up of my HUGE haul! I shall go shop for more and share with you what else I got. Till next time.

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A girl can never get enough of shoes. I’m sure that you are with me on this one. Even if you don’t agree me with, deep down you know that every occasion needs a specific pair of footwear.

When we head to the beach, a pair of comfy flip flops is key. Though comfortable and easy, flip flops doesn’t cut out for a grand dinner party! For that elegant entrance, a pair of Cinderella bling-bling heels should be paired with your gorgeous gown.

How about for everyday shoes? Something that can be suitable for both work and play. Well, Mitju has definitely got you covered with their new idea: MITJU TICK TACK SHOES!



Mitju reveals a new range named Tick Tack Shoes.


So excited about Mitju’s new line to satisfy my desire for a million shoes!


Brought Kymm along to the event for some shoes therapy.


One pair of shoes, numerous choices. Isn’t that what women wants? I guess Mitju heard us as they roll out a whole new idea of satisfying us women’s shoes addiction by offering a whole new concept.


Any idea what are the accessories hanging on the racks are?

Just look at the amount of choices of accessories you are able to choose from. It’s like a buffet to beautify your shoes! Ranging from girly bows to funky designs and colours, I’m quite certain the range of over 60 accessories are able to cater to all kinds of occasions and people. Accessories are priced from S$6.90 to S$14.90.


Come to me you accessories! Come beautify my plain flats!


Simply get a pair of basic flats (S$26.90) from Mitju and choose your accessories (S$6.90-S$14.90)! There are 2 buttons at the top part of each shoe and you’ll be able to clip on your chosen accessory onto your shoe!


1 pair of shoes + 60 accessories = 60 shoes!


The line basically offers a pair of default flats in 3 different kinds of materials: Suede, Leatherette and Patent. Depending on the kind of look that you are looking for, choose the fabric accordingly. A pair of basic flats that offers over 20 colours is priced at S$26.90.


Suede, leatherette or patent. It’s all up to you!


I chose a pair of nude Apricot flats along with these elegant Gold metal bows!

And my choice? I chose a neutral Apricot for my shoes so any accessories that I choose will be able to match. The accessories that I got are these elegant Gold metal bows and cute Blue acrylic bows. They stand out from the neutral shade of my shoes and gives excitement to my footwear!

Don’t ask me why I chose 2 bows, I guess I like having them on my feet!


For more information about Mitju and their newest TICK TACK SHOES:




Only Available at their ION Orchard and Plaza Singapura outlets at the moment.

[Product was sponsored for my honest review. I'm not affiliated with the company.]

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BALMAIN – A brand that goes way back to 1945 when it was first founded by Pierre Balmain. Now, it’s a brand that many love, including various A-List celebrities like Beyonce, Kate Moss, Rihanna and many others who are all regularly photographed during public events, rocking the latest Balmain fashhion designs.

Fashion aside, Balmain has also featured their own fragrances. It started with a beautiful story of how a whiff of a stranger’s scent was unforgettable and the 1st fragrance was designed in memory of the unknown lady. Introducing their latest addition to their fragrance collection is Extatic, a crystalline, refined and totally Parisian fragrance with strong addictive power.

By the way, Balmain is pronounced as BAL-MAH. :p


Balmain Extatic Eau de Toilette – the essence of luminosity and sophistication.


The fragrance comes packaged in a gorgeous soft metallic pink box that has the print of a shimmery sheet of metal circles. I like how femininity meets strongness, just what Balmain is all about. The box of a product is usually designed to satisfy the first impression of consumers, luring them to pick them up at first sight. And I have to say that, the shiny ‘metal’ has definitely caught my eye.


Box packaging of Extatic – A gorgeous soft metallic pink sheet of ‘metal’ circles printed.


Femininity meets Strongness – Exactly what Balmain is all about.


I received the smallest sized bottle (40ML) that costs SGD$70. Other sizes that Balmain offers are 60ML at SGD$95 and 90ML at SGD$135. I appreciate that they offer 3 different sizes so consumers can choose accordingly to their needs.

As for me, I love trying out new fragrances so I tend to want the smallest version available so to prevent wastage. And just as what Goldilocks would say, “This is just right!“. Curves of the bottle meets straight lines of the cover. The play around of such contrast is exactly what Balmain is all about.


40ML of Balmain Extatic – SGD$70


Strong lines of the cover meets curves of the bottle.




Approaching the most important part of a fragrance, the scent is basically the essence of what consumers are purchasing for. We all want to smell good. And we certainly do not want to spend good money on just a beautiful bottle but do nothing scent wise.

But good news! The scent of Balmain Extatic is one of the more amazing ones that I have ever come across. I have a picky nose and it’s not often that I encounter a fragrance that could keep me intrigued. But this is one of them. It’s like it never gets old and could only smell better across time!


Overview of all the notes – A mixture of floral, fruity and woody notes.

Hello fruits! When you take the 1st whiff, the top notes explodes into your senses. Tell me, how could one go wrong with lychee, blackcurrent and green mandarin? Just by the sound of the combination, I know that it’ll be awesome. But after 20 minutes (perhaps longer or shorter for others, depending on individuals and other surrounding factors), the top notes subsides a little and the middle notes emerges.


Top Notes: Lychee, Blackcurrent, Green Mandarin

The middle notes are towards the floral side. But no fret. Haven’t you heard that the combination of floral meets fruity is just pure heaven? Jasmine, magnolia and turkey rose fills in the middle notes space and diffuses a beautiful feminine scent.


Middle Notes: Jasmine, Magnolia, Turkey Rose

Ammbroxan, musk and cedarwood linger on skin for hours and emits the strong side of this amazing perfume. Arousing the senses, you could be sure that it balances out the femininity of the top and middles notes of lighter scents to create the perfect balance within a bottle.


Base Notes: Ammbroxan, Musk, Cedarwood


Balmain Extatic is available from August 2014 onwards, at the following stores:

Exclusively at Metro Paragon in July 2014
Tangs Orchard (August 2014)
Tangs Vivocity (August 2014)
Takashimaya (August 2014)
Robinsons Orchard (August 2014)

EDT 90ML SGD$135

[Product was sponsored for my honest review. I'm not affiliated with the company.]

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