Love for Lipsticks:

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick | S$45 Each | Wearing a beautiful shade of lipstick can transform a person’s looks as well as their moods. Other than picking out the right shade to match your eye makeup, occasion and clothes to create the perfect mood for the perfect occasion, a good lipstick has to be hydrating as well so it doesn’t dry out your lips. Too dry and your lips crack, too hydrating and the color doesn’t last. The perfect balance has to be achieved and so I put Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Shine Lipsticks to the test!



The line comes in 16 gorgeous shades, carefully selected and exclusively designed for asian women and I had the luxury to try a quarter of them. The box packaging looks similar to any other of Estee Lauder’s lipsticks with their dark blue color palette. However, once opened reveals a sleek, elegant tube of lipstick. With an innovative, magnetic closure that always clicks the case perfectly, it feels super luxurious to use it. I absolutely love the packaging so there really isn’t much to say about it.




From Left to Right: 430 Pink Dragon, 240 Charmed, 140 Fairest, 320 Surreal Sun


From Left to Right: 240 Charmed, 430 Pink Dragon, 140 Fairest, 320 Surreal Sun



Sometimes, swatching lipsticks on the back of the hand may not be the most accurate. Simply because the colour of our skin differs from our lips. Thus, I thought it was best to show you how these lipsticks looks like on my lips. Below shows how my natural lips look like. A little pale and if you look closely enough, you can see cracks in between – signs of dehydrated, dry lips.



Top Left to Right: 320 Surreal Sun, 240 Charmed
Bottom Left to Right: 430 Pink Dragon, 140 Fairest


From Left to Right: 140 Fairest, 240 Charmed

Fairest is a neutral-mauve shade with a hint of bronze. It’s an alternative choice for dark eyes when the usual pale concealed lip is not in fashion anymore. It gives your lips colour without being too overboard. Charmed is also a neutral shade but with a pink undertone. It’s more of an everyday kind of lipstick that doesn’t ever goes out of style. With Charmed on your lips, you can even make do without the rest of your makeup and you’ll still look put together.

Before I move on to the other 2 shades, I wanted to share the Envy Shine Experience with you. Find your Perfect Envy Shade and a complimentary Lip Shape-up service when you fill in the form below or click on the link -http://www.esteelauder.com.sg/envyshine.



From Left to Right: 430 Pink Dragon, 320 Surreal Sun

Pink Dragon is a toned-down barbie pink with a slight blue undertone. Which also means that it makes your teeth look whiter! Also, the colour makes you look younger and fresh-looked. Surreal Sun is more for the fun loving people who isn’t afraid to play around with bright colours. With a bright watermelon coral shade, this makes your lips pop, very appropriate for the spring and summer.


Although these lipsticks cost you S$45 a pop, however they are definitely worth it in my opinion. It’s a difficult balance to try and be hydrating yet be long lasting. But Estee Lauder’s new Envy Shiny lipsticks did just that. Being lipsticks, these are hydrating and doesn’t accentuate the flaws/cracks in my lips like some other lipsticks do. Also, the colours blend nicely to reveal a flawless pop of colour. Not forgetting about how luxurious and sleek the packaging is, the lipsticks are definitely pleasing to the eye in your makeup pouch as well. The ladies in the restroom will be green with envy when you whip out this baby to reapply!

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What are you waiting for? Go take a selfie now and post it on your Instagram! I already uploaded mine on Instagram so check it out and follow me too! Winner will be announced on their Facebook Page so do like their page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=124647137548920! :)

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SEA Taobao Haul | Never have I been so obsessed with a shopping website in my whole entire life. There was a time when I thought Qoo10 was superb with their low prices and a wide variety of items. But who knew that I was just being content with a small molehill? SEA Taobao is the mountain that has caught my heart and soul. No doubt! They have a wider selective and their prices are super affordable, even after shipping! During my shopping experience with Sea Taobao, I find it difficult to chance upon gems and was constantly looking for reviews. So I thought it would be helpful to share my loots and the links to the items for your convenience. So ENJOY! :)


The agent that I used is 65Daigou, just because I found that it’s easy to shop with their copy and paste system. Once you copy and paste the link to their system, the price is automatically calculated for you, including the domestic shipping. However, if there’s any errors, don’t fret as everything is editable. I chose Shanghai and sea shipment as default and the items took 3 weeks to reach to me. Any remarks like size, color etc can be written as well and that’s it!

The total weight of my items is 1.93KG so the shipping fee I paid is S$11.50. Additionally, agent fee (S$5) and shipping fee within Singapore (S$5) is chargeable as well. So I paid a total of S$21.50 in addition to the items I paid for. That amounts to around S$2.70 each. Prices below are before these charges.

Pink Cat Ears Headband (¥2.46; S$0.53):



Diamante Headband (¥7.80; S$1.68):


This headband is really pretty in real life; it’s not too blingy but still gives off a gorgeous shine on your head. Stunning piece!



Fabric Headbands (¥1.00; S$0.22):



Rainbow Diamante Stones Necklace (¥9.52; S$2.05):


I am IN LOVE with this necklace! The rainbow colors, how well it is made and the gorgeous rhinestones are just breathtaking. I have worn and paired this amazing necklace with almost everything and it is outstandingly versatile. At only S$2, it’s a definite must buy!


Dainty Wishbone Necklace (¥1.07; S$0.23):


Grey/Neon Yellow Sleeveless Maxi Dress (¥49.00; S$10.54):



I felt that the dress may look higher quality on their website than in real life. Also, if you look closely at the picture below, you can faintly see my underwear so a safety shorts is definitely recommended. But overall, I still think that it’s a pretty versatile dress for all occasions.


Faux Leather Jacket (¥98.01; S$21.08): 


Miss-Rusty-Taobao-Haul-Faux-Leather-Jacket I have always wanted a good faux leather jacket and I had my heart set on this super expensive Ted Baker one that costs almost S$800+! No way am I forking out that much money so I went onto Taobao to search for it. I’m so glad I got this and this purchase turns out to be my favourite! The quality is pretty good and I love how it is tailored. Definitely a recommend buy from me!


Royal Blue Bag (¥49.00; S$10.54):


Although it looks a little small, it’s actually quite roomy inside the bag. I love the different ways to carry it. It includes a long strap, a metal chain and 2 shorter straps. The quality of the bag is pretty good too!


And that’s my first SEA Taobao haul! I just placed another order and I can’t wait to receive it and share them with you! Stay tuned for that! :)

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Aqualia Thermal Serum Review | 48 Hour Hydration | Paraben – Free | To fortify sensitive skin and restore its natural beauty. | For women with sensitive skin looking for soothing, fortifying, profound and lasting hydration. | Ultra – Light Texture | Fast Absorbing | Non – Greasy; Non – Sticky | 30ML | S$52 | #vichysingapore | #dynamichydration


A blogger’s exclusive box with my name ending with a heart on it definitely brightens up my day. No secret to what holds within. It’s Vichy’s NEW Aqualic Thermal product. The serum specifically. However, I received their Light Cream as well and the combination is said to help dry skin, which is the skin type that I have. Just the light sea blue packaging alone is enough to feel the hydration of the range, doesn’t it?




Vichy latest addition to their Aqualic Thermal line is this Dynamic Hydration serum. Regardless of the kind of skin type you posses, you are still able to enjoy the benefits of this amazing product. It’s also the 1st hydrating power serum that contains 3 Energising sugars and Vichy Thermal Spa Water that can capture and retain moisture. Also enhanced with Dynamic Hydration technology to continuously even out moisture in all facial zones for fresh-looking skin all day long!



A quarter of a pump is all I need for my whole face even though I have a pretty big face. Although it only comes in a 30ml container, it’s worth the money and will definitely last you a long time. What’s interesting about this is that it dispenses as a runny liquid. However, once you blend it into your skin, it lives up to its claims of being fast absorbing as it immediately seeps into the skin. No residue, AT ALL, leaving baby soft skin! I’m thoroughly amazed at how amazing my skin feels after application. I urge you to try it as soon as possible!



To support the benefits of the other products within Vichy’s Aqualic Thermal line, the Light Cream is formulated to help dry skin retain as much moisture as possible. Throughout the day, your facial beauty is bound to lose its freshness. And this is all due to the ill-distribution of water in the various facial zones. As the imbalance settles, some facial zones become dehydrated and thus lines appear; complexion dull and skin less plump.


It’s a cream that has a light consistency, just as the name suggests. Though its light consistency, it does hydrated the skin well as it contains Vichy’s Thermal Spa Water. Just like its serum in the same family, it’s fast absorbing and leaves skin feeling soft. Definitely no sticky feeling or greasy. I could apply my makeup immediately which is time-saving and definitely something that I appreciate very much.


For more information and reviews of how Vichy works on others, check out Vanity Trove at the following links:

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Share with us on VanityTrove.com using the hashtag #dynamichydration and stand to win Vichy’s Brand New Hydration Serum. Good luck! :)

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Shopping Therapy:

Shopping | Who doesn’t love shopping? I know I do! In fact, love is an underrated word to describe my full blast obsession with retail therapy. It’s not the conventional heading down to the mall and picking up stuff anymore. I could be in my PJs, just woken up early in the morning with 20 minutes to spare before work. And I could be online surfing through all the goodies that I could have them sent to my home with just click of a button. It’s easy, convenient but so damn dangerous. And to share the love, I have listed down a few of my favourite websites that I frequent for you!



IHerb has been my favourite website so far to stock up on unique items that usually cannot be found in local stores. They stock a wide variety of items and I love trying out new products. I’ve got makeup, skincare, food and many more items from there. And so far, I’m loving them all! Their shipment is fast as well, and their packing of items are safe and secure. You can check out my previous iHerb haul and if you want to try them out, be sure to use my code FMQ571.



Zalora has always been my fashion go-to website whenever I need a casual dress for that special date or an elegant gown to grace any parties. But recently, I have found that Zalora offers so much more than just pretty apparels. They have shoes, bags and even accessories, beauty and sports! Shipping is awesomely fast as well! My favourite brand on Zalora is Something Borrowed, I already have a few of their pieces! Also, GSS shopping at Zalora has reached! For more information, check out Zalora’s Twitter Page.



I just received my first shipment from SEA TaoBao using the agent forwarder 65DaiGou and I can safely say that I am hooked! Things are so affordable over there but since it’s from China, mostly super cheap items are those of poorer quality. However, you can definitely opt for higher quality items that has a slightly steeper price tag. I myself got some higher quality items (S$20+ for a faux leather jacket) and can’t wait to show them to you! Will definitely share my loot with you soon.



I rather save on my apparels than other things. So getting preloved clothes are my thing. I love going to thrift stores like New2U and used to online surf on SgFlea Livejournal, hoping to pick up some great deals. However, since the introduction of Carousell, I have been obsessed with that app! It’s instagram and SgFlea Livejournal merged into one. Very convenient for me to shop for preloved stuff on the go. I have already got a few affordable pieces and some are even brand new! I tried to sell my stuff there but it’s difficult, but if you are there to shop, then it’s heaven for you!



Previously known as GMarket, Qoo10 has been my all time surfing website whenever I am bored. And I end up getting a few items there. Ranging from a wide variety of items, they have almost everything that you can ever ask for. I have purchased velvet slim hangers, to apparels, to beauty items like my Seche Vite Top Coat. Shipping depends on the seller so it’s best to check out the reviews from customers to gauge the seller’s authenticity and if the seller is trustable.

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