My mouth is always itching for something to munch on. Regardless of how much determination I have, my cravings seemed to be larger. Also, how could I resist the convenience of chips in comparison to healthy options like fresh fruits and vegetables? And here is where I present Boxgreen to you. A monthly based subscription box that is filled with healthier snack options that you can enjoy guilt-free!

Miss Rusty Box Green July 2015 All

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Miss Rusty Box Green July 2015 Overview

Miss Rusty Box Green July 2015 Overview Nom

With Boxgreen’s new My Pantry Box system, you are now able to choose specific snacks that you would like to try or already just your favourite. Or just choose ‘Surprise me!’ for Box Green to recommend you. If you read my previous entries on Boxgreen, you’ll know that there are a few snacks that I’m obsessed with. And thus, I chose them.


*Check out my earlier reviews for more information!

However, there’s a new snack that I received this month and it’s their MOCHA ALMONDS. I’m not too sure about the taste but the boyfriend sure likes it very much!

Miss Rusty Box Green July 2015 Food


What’s interesting this time is this new tea from Teaism. A product of Eu Yan Sang, Teaism takes drinking tea to a whole new level with pencil-shaped, disposable, high-tech tea wands, eliminating the need for bags or teaspoons. In their words, “because who has time for those?”. The tea itself tastes refreshing but I’m more intrigued with this new design! It is convenient and no one could ever say they’re too busy for tea now.

Just ADD hot water, STIR and ENJOY!

Miss Rusty Box Green July 2015 Teaism

Miss Rusty Box Green July 2015 Teaism Mixing

Each box costs S$19.90 but you save more when you subscribe longer! Want a trial? Use my quote below for a discount!

Quote “msrusty20%off” to get 20% off your 1st box!

For healthy snacks to a healthier you, check out Boxgreen!


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“This is home. Truly. Where I know I must be. Where my dreams wait for me. Where the river always flows.~”

A familiar tune to locals, this is one of the many patriotic songs that one could hear around this time of the year. Singapore flags are hung outside HDB blocks and you can hear the sounds of aircrafts from time to time while they practice for the big day.


Image credits to: http://www.boringsingapore.com/2011/07/fly-flag.html

Not only that, you’ll start to notice that shops are selling small Singapore flags and the radio are starting to play national songs like Home by Kit Chan. Apparel retailers are displaying SG50 tees and you really can feel everyone’s excitement to celebrate National Day!

It’s always an exciting period for the country during this time! While some may choose to spend the national holiday overseas, many still prefer to remain in Singapore and celebrate with the country. For me, watching the national day parade on TV from the comfort of my own home is my best bet.


To join in the celebration spirit, the dress code is the colours of our national flag; Red & White. This is a well known tradition but honestly, how many of us really have those colours in our wardrobe? Majority of us usually purchase our clothes in dark colour like Black. So, what now?

And since this year is the year that Singapore marks her 50 years of independence, it’s Singapore’s Golden Jubilee! With that thought, I was inspired to pair a Red & White outfit with some Golden accessories as well!

So now the question is:


Now, don’t fret. Because Zalora has completely got you covered! With their specially curated page that has sorted all their National Day appropriate items, you can be prepared for this upcoming celebration in no time!

So what are you waiting for? Head on to Zalora for their National Day Singapore 2015 curated items now!

Psst. If the page isn’t available now, leave them your email and they’ll keep you posted once the page is up!


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Rejoice, beauty lovers. Because a new shopping club just hit town! Named ‘Beautiful.me‘, this new home to 300 top beauty, body and baby brands aims to disrupt Asia’s health and beauty market with its unique e-commerce model.

I was a little confused about the system at first. But after understanding how it works, I am excited at how beneficial it can be! Imagine having a plethora of brands and products that you can shop online while saving a couple of bucks by paying member prices. What’s more, you get paid to shop, earn rewards and could even redeem free samples!

Miss Rusty Beautiful.me & its brands


Unlike your usual shopping websites, only members of Beautiful.me are able to shop on the site. With a ‘profit-less’ pricing model, applying only a small markup to products and cutting out retail inefficiencies like rental, Beautiful.me is able to pass down these savings onto us members in the form of discounts, rewards and rebates!

However, there is an annual membership fee of S$49 to cover their basic business expenses. (WAIVED for members who sign up before 6th August 2015 so HURRY!)

BUT! This membership fee is backed by a 200% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! They promise that if we don’t save more than double of what we paid for the membership, then Beautiful.me will refund us the difference at the end of the year!

Miss Rusty Beautiful Me Product Group Shot



Ever heard of wholesale, where you pay less when you buy more?

Nope, this is not what they are offering. Instead, their member prices start low and the best part? NO minimum purchase required. Additionally, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for free samples, product trials and gifts!

Miss Rusty Beautiful Me Never Pay Retail


Make use of their exclusive Flash Sales, Group Buys and Daily Deals that allow you to choose how you want to save!

Also, they have this Smart Shopping Cart technology that helps you track how much you are saving while you shop! They also offer various delivery and packing options that come with bonus rebates so you choose how much you save.

Miss Rusty Beautiful Me Save Even More


Have a ton of friends to recommend Beautiful.me to? They want to thank you by paying you! Sounds like a sweet deal isn’t it?

Miss Rusty Beautiful Me Get Paid to Shop

Now here comes the big question.


It can’t get any simpler than that! Simply head on to www.beautiful.me and sign up!

Miss-Rusty-Beautiful-Me-Sign-Up Page

Miss Rusty Beautiful Me Activation Email Signup

Miss Rusty Beautiful Me Share For A Share


[Post was sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]

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