I’m curious about cooking recently and my inner ‘chef’ has kind of taken over. I found myself constantly Googling for recipes that are both healthy and delicious. Most importantly, they have to be EASY too!

So in the kitchen I am these days. Trying to make something delicious to feed my appetite. I really enjoy the process of cooking/baking and am always extremely excited to find out if the results would be a success and a failure.

And I’m glad to say that this ridiculously easy 3 ingredients Beancurd Pudding is a success! There’s a lot of blogs and websites if you Google that teaches you how to make Lao Ban Dou Hua. I followed Budget Pantry’s one and absolutely loved it!


It’s really that simple! Go on, have a go at it and let me know how it turned out. :D


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I love playing with colours! But I’m also quite lazy at times. So how do I achieve a fun look without all the hassle of blending colours? A coloured double eyeliner! This whole look made use of a coloured eyeliner in a Mint shade and also starring a juicy pout with a Watermelon red shade.

It’s EASY, FAST and I love it so much! Of course, you don’t have to follow this look to a T and use only Mint. Change up the colours, use red, pink, purple, blue, whatever floats your boat.

Makeup is FUN!

Picture on the left shows how I look like when I wake up in the morning. No makeup and messy bed hair. And on the right is just about 30 minutes later.




If skin is dirty with pores clogged and oil deposits on it, it’s quite certain that any makeup application or techniques would be difficult and results not the prettiest. So always prep the skin by cleansing and moisturizing before any makeup application. If you have a facial steamer, then that’s the best!

Here I used Panasonic’s Facial Ionic Steamer that is part of their Nanocare line. A beautiful art piece that resembles a vase and would definitely look pretty as a decoration piece in your room.


Ultra-fine nano-sized particles (which is 4000 times smaller!) from the steam can help to moisturize and cleanse your skin at the same time. After using it, your skin will be prepped and will thank you later on. It also serves as a wake-me-up routine and feels very comfortable having a warm facial, especially during cold mornings!



I prefer to start off with the eyes, just in case there are any mistakes or fall outs, I can still ‘erase‘ them and not ruining the other parts of my makeup. This section is also the star of this look, featuring a double eyeliner with the usual black and a unique mint!



1. Apply a shimmery cream eyeshadow all over the eyelids.
I chose Makeup Forever’s cream eyeshadow that I have been using daily.
2. Line upper lash line with a liquid black eyeliner.
My liquid liner of choice here is Dolly Wink’s, which gives a crisp thin line and has great pigmentation!
3. Apply a Mint eyeliner over the black eyeliner for a double eyeliner look!
I used Clio’s Gelpresso Pastel collection in Mintade. It’s creamy, pigmentation and easy to apply.



No matter how big your eyes are, if you lashes are not curled, you’ll still look sleepy and tired. Just like a window. No matter how big a window is, if the curtains are drawn, the window is always hidden.

I used Panasonic’s Heated Eyelash Curler and it actually works! I’m really impressed with the results. It has a rotating comb and heats up really quickly. Just look at how well it managed to get all my lashes to be curled and the difference it made to my eyes!


Yes, my double eyelids will be more obvious when my eyelashes are curled and applied with mascara.



1. No Eye Makeup
2. Eyes Open with Eye Makeup
3. Eyes Closed with Eye Makeup





4. Apply your favourite foundation.
I have been obsessed with Laneige’s BB Cushion for a while now and have been loving the flawless finish that it gives.
5. Fill in brows according to your natural brow shape.
My pick is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse that includes a double-ended brow brush.
6. Create a natural flush with a neutral blush with to give some dimension to the face.
I opted for a mauve neutral blush as I wanted the eyes and the lips to be the star of this look.
7. Tint lips with a bright watermelon red stain or lipstick for a juicy pout.
I fell in love with Clio’s Gelpresso Glow Tint in Enamel Pink and love its consistency and colour!



I’m a big fan of straighteners because it’s much more versatile than curlers. Just because I’m able to either straighten or curl just by using 1 tool! I had a go at Panasonic’s Nanocare Hair Straightener and am really impressed with it! Not only is it easy to use, I love how it’s pink as well. Additionally, results achieved were out of this world!

Sleek, straight hair is now achievable.


The power button is at the side, along with the temperature controls that goes all way up to 200 degrees Celsius. There’s even a lock at the side so it’s more compact.



Here’s half of my hair done. Notice how sleek, shiny and straight it looks? The straightener lives up to its claims by protecting and not damaging my locks while making it look amazing. Not much effort needed as well, I only had to go through it once or twice! My whole head was done within 15 minutes and it lasted the whole day!



And there we go! A look within 30 minutes that could last you the whole day. Simple, fast yet looks like you’ve spent a lot of time putting it together. Bored of it? Just use another colour for the upper lashline or use another colour lipstick, there are endless possibilities.




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As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Yes, that’s right. If one puts in the effort, with the right products and tools, I believe anyone could become beautiful!

Having said that, here are some of the beauty tools that I felt is a must have for me.


It’s not against the beauty law if you just rely on your fingers to apply your favourite foundation. Heck, you could even finish your whole face without having to use any beauty tools. Picking up that cream shimmer with your middle finger for an all-over eyeshadow application or just use your pinky for the outer corners. If you can make it work, why not? However, the use of makeup brushes could make your whole makeup process a little easier and faster.


I love makeup brushes! It’s one of those few beauty items that I may be willing to fork out a little bit more for.

Firstly, it’s reusable.

And secondly, I feel that it makes my makeup look more polished and flawless. But again, to each its own.

Sephora No 55 Flawless Foundation Brush


I bought this brush late 2010 which means that it has already been with me for around 3 and a half years now! It’s a great all-purpose brush that helps apply my foundation, bronzer and blush. Even though I have used it countless times and washed it very often throughout the years, the brush stays pretty much the same. It costed me about SGD$45 which means it had spread out to only around SGD1+ per month! Worth getting it don’t you think?

13rushes Brushes


It’s easier for beginners to just buy a set of makeup brushes. Not much thinking needed and you’ll get all the essential brushes you’ll need to start off your makeup journey with. I have recently discovered local brand 13rushes that offers soft, high quality makeup brushes at affordable prices. It’s a win win. They have helped make applying makeup so much easier and faster. I would say they are a must buy!


Born with straight lashes that shade my eyes like a visor, it’s quite a difficult task trying to defy gravity for them to curl up. I usually spend a huge amount of time with eyelash curlers, squeezing and clamping them to try to get them to curl. So this heated eyelash curler from Panasonic really comes in handy!


It has a 360 degrees rotating tornado comb that lifts your lashes from your lash line and gives you those va-va-vroom curls. If you are not exactly comfortable with the rotating comb, don’t worry! You can use without the rotation and just the heated comb.


The good thing? It’s recommended for single-edged eyelid! Also, there’s a little colour changing area so you’ll know when the eyelash curler is ready for use.



Hair frames the face, and I cannot stress how crucial it is playing a part in the way we look. I’m not born with gorgeous locks and definitely do not look like this when I wake up every morning.


However, luckily there are many hair tool out there in the market that could help us. Believe it or not, even those sexy goddess that has out-of-bed hair are achieved by using hair tools. Myself, I have wavy hair. Not in the gorgeous way, but in a frizzy way. And I have no choice but to either curl it or straighten it every morning before I head out.

Since I’m fickle minded and want a tool that could help me achieve either straight locks or curls, I’m elated to have found this Multi-Styling Straightener from Panasonic!


A 6 in 1 tool that has a photo-ceramic coating, straightening or curling is possible, achieving smooth shiny results. It basically comes with 5 attachments depending on the type of results you are looking for. Super straight, medium curl, large curl, extra large curl and volume up.


It also helps maintain colored hair and hair moisture, leaving you with gorgeous hair all day long. I myself loves this and have been using it daily. It heats up easily and I don’t have to worry leaving the house with messy hair.

So these are my most essential beauty tools that I use on an everyday basis. Hope that I have shared some interesting ones which you may find helpful. Meanwhile, stay beautiful! :)

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