And we’ve reached another month of delicious snacks. If you’re thinking ‘SNACKS’, no, I can’t have those. They’re really unhealthy and fattening. I’m on a diet. STOP.

Because snacks aren’t unhealthy. It depends on the KIND of snacks you choose. And with Boxgreen, you’re able to snack guilt-free with their range of nutritious yet yummy options.


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‘Literally clear soup, here’s our own spin on this Chinese dessert. Ready to eat out of the bag, no need for the hassle of boiling and ice.’

Dried Longan, Goji Berry, Crispy Lotus Seeds

Cheng Tng is a dessert that Singaporeans are all familiar with, especially suitable to enjoy on hot days to cool ourselves down. With its refreshing sweet broth and various nutritious ingredients like longan, white fungus and lotus seeds, it’s versatile and can be eaten both hot and cold. Boxgreen’s dry version is equally good, with 3 main dried ingredients, you can now have Cheng Tng on the go!

Both the dried longan and goji berry provides a taste of sweetness while the crispy lotus seeds offers texture. With both chewiness and crunchiness within one packet, the combination of 2 opposite bite experiences merge to surprise my taste palette. It’s not necessarily one of the snacks that I reach out for, but I definitely do not mind munching on it while watching YouTube on my laptop.



‘Figs may look a little strange and fancy to some, but take a bite and enjoy the gooey sweetness that lie beneath its brown exterior. Good things await!.’

Dried Figs

I’ve had this before in previous Boxgreen boxes and am glad that I received it again. These dried fruits have the most extreme textures mixed into one little fruit yet the surprising combination is such a joy! It’s chewy yet the edible seeds are crunchy while the whole snack is sweet. This serves as an appetiser and a dessert, depending when you rather have them; before or after your main. But one thing for sure is that I couldn’t just stop at 1!



‘These mushrooms may not look as pretty as those Sunshine Chips but gosh they sure are pretty addictive!’

Air Fried Shitake Mushroom Chips

Another favourite of mine is this air fried Shitake mushroom chips. Even before finishing this post, I have already munched on the whole pack. It’s gone! And oh so good. Even though it’s air fried, the chips still withheld their full flavor and delivered quite the perfect snack for pretty much any time of the day. Just like the figs, one is never enough! And they’re considered pretty healthy right? I mean, the only ingredient is Shitake Mushroom which is essentially a vegetable.



‘Something salty, something crunchy, something sweet. With a dash of chocolate chips, a handful of cashews, peanut and everything pretzel, it’s the perfect snack on-the-go!.’

Pretzels, Chocolate Chips, Peanuts, Cashews

Saving the newest snack for the last, I have rather high hopes for this. With a mix of semi-sweet chocolate chips, salty pretzels and crunchy nuts, the combination sounds like music to my ears. I thought it sounds good, but did it taste good? You bet it did! The sweetness from the chocolate paired perfectly with the salty pretzels. While you’re savouring the salty-sweet merge of both flavors, suddenly there’s a crunch from the nuts. It’s like a party in your mouth!


Each box costs S$19.90 but you save more when you subscribe longer! Want a trial? Use my quote below for a discount!

Quote “msrusty20%off” to get 20% off your 1st box!

For healthy snacks to a healthier you, check out Box Green!


[Product was sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]

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Sam recently brought me along to a Shu Uemura sharing session which focused on their new 3D brow styling products/services and water foundation. We BROWsed through different styles and had the chance to EYEdentify ourselves. However, I’m saving that for another post.

Today, I wanted to focus more on the eyes. Specifically their Calligraph:Ink Liquid Eyeliner and Cream Eye Shadow.



Acting as an eyeshadow base, I got the shade in P Beige. As the name suggests, it’s a flesh tone shade with a sheen. When swatched on the back of my hand, I could barely see it. Which worried me because I’m afraid it’s not pigmented enough for my dark eyelids.

However, as it acts as an eyeshadow base, I could layer on other brighter eyeshadows so that the colour payoff is brighter. With Shu Uemura’s cream eye shadow at the bottom, my eye makeup will last longer throughout the day.


your secret to intense colour payoff and colour fixation. this waterproof eyeshadow base is buildable and blendable, and finishes with a light and non-sticky texture.
cream eyeshadows come in 2 textures:
matte: specially selected shades designed to serve specific functions for artistic creations.
pearl: light neutral shades with pearly effect, perfect for base and for usage with pes.” – Shu Uemura



Applying liquid eyeliner may require a lot of practice to perfect, however once you’ve got the hang of it, it becomes second nature. For me, I draw my eyeliner using a liquid eyeliner daily so it’s not a big issue. Though sometimes, my eyeliner goes horribly wrong. But that aside, Shu Uemura’s Calligraph:Ink Liquid Eyeliner has won my heart!



“the Asian calligraphy-inspired eye liner and brush design draws endless possibilities.
calligraph:ink is a supremely versatile, high technique tool-backed by professional make-up artists insights so every woman can achieve beautifully framed, intense black eyes.
*refill and holder sold separately” – Shu Uemura


At first swatch, I noticed how watery the formulation is and I’m afraid the product may spread on my lids just like how it did on the back of my hands. However, after using it for almost a week, I have to say that I’m loving it!

Besides its pure black pigmentation which is a feature I appreciate a lot so I don’t need to waste time going over the same line, the brush applicator makes application so much easier. With its brush design, you can draw a think or thick line according to how you apply it.

The best part? It lasted all day on my eyelids!


I have been using these 2 products on my eye daily recently and have been loving the combo. For more information on these products, hop on to their website. :)


[Product was sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]

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I’m sure you would have realized by now just how obsessed I am with Zalora. And even though this post is an advertorial, I assure you that my love for Zalora is as genuine as it gets. As proof, I just checked my order history and within just 3 months, I have already made 7 orders. And May hasn’t even ended yet!

I’ve introduced many brands in my past Zalora posts but this time, the latest craze has finally kept up. Today’s topic is on Korean Fashion which you can find as part of Zalora Marketplace. I love all things Korea and fashion is definitely not excluded. Excited yet?


Of course, like all other brands recommendations, I always scroll through the Clothes section first. And below are the top 3 items that caught my eye. Suitable for different occasions, I have a formal dress for work, a casual gradient denim outerwear for play and a feminine maxi dress for those dress up yet casual days. All these pieces are gorgeous yet affordable with them only costing less than S$35 each!


An outfit is never really completed without the help of accessories. They may seem like small details that can be easily overlooked but including them really makes your whole look put together. I have picked out a hat that goes with just almost anything. And 2 minimalistic necklaces that are just too gorgeous to resist. Especially that Eun-In minimalist one!


If you ever see a girl on the streets without carrying a bag, give her a round of applause. Because that requires sacrifice and courage. There are just too many things to bring out for a lady.Things like umbrella, long wallet, makeup pouch, lady’s pouch, pens, diary, glasses etc. You name it, we probably got it. Reminds you of Doraemon’s pouch doesn’t it? So carrying the perfect bag is largely important!

Here’s one option from Zalora Marketplace Korean Fashion that grabbed my attention. Its unique design and sleek style is just the perfect piece for all fashion lovers while not sacrificing practicality. Furthermore, the price has been slashed so one couldn’t possibly say no to that!


Like any items? Head on to Korean Fashion Online page to see more details and pictures!

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