What happens when a rubber band is stretched? It expands and the amount of stress exerted on it increases. What happens when a rubber band is stretched to its limit? It snaps. And that’s exactly how I feel right now.


Don’t ask me why I feel stressful. I have no idea why. You might point out that my life isn’t miserable at all. Some other people are having a much harder time than me yet they are perfectly fine and happy. Am I less competent? Was I pampered to a stage where I cry over an ant’s bite? I beg to differ. Everyone’s limit to stress is different and no one can actually compare with another because no one knows best except the person himself.


I felt I wasn’t mentally healthy where much unhappiness has slowly accumulated inside of me over a long period of time. To make others feel less guilty of whatever they did to me, I bear with it to maintain peace. I felt the need to bottle things inside because I had no choice. I was taught to respect people and that meant to suffer within. I avoid confrontations, awkwardness and fights. I lost my voice. My mind starts to clutter and before I know it, it’s too much.


So, I have decided to make calls to declutter. Everything that I do, I’ll ask myself “Am I happy? Will I be happy?”. Sometimes, it’s not an easy call. The struggles of deciding to opt out may very well be as stressful, if not more. But I need some alone time and my own space.

I’m NOT emo. One is not weak when a load gets heavy, it only meant training is due and something is to be done. If I have the money to do so, I would have taken a vacation to get away from all the crap. But with a house to think about, reality forces me to think twice about healing my soul. No bank can wait for me to nurse myself back to health.

Enough of my rambling and to get on sharing what happened last week. Nothing exciting happened because I have opted out quite a number of events that should have happened. But nonetheless, here’s what I captured.


I attended the launch of a new collection from Makeup Store. And to be honest, I didn’t exactly enjoyed myself that much. The place was at a gallery and was just like a sauna with the spotlights. From where we were standing, our view of the stage was blocked and the sound system was echo-y. The best part was just that we were able to play around with the cosmetics products. I can’t wait to have some on my hands!


During the weekends, I headed to Paragon and attended a casual launch of Balmain’s latest fragrance, Extatic. I wasn’t expecting much since my nose is very picky about scents. However, I fell in love with it immediately! The merge of fruity, floral and musk makes a perfect combination and I cannot wait to feature it soon.


Moving on to food, nope I’m not done trying out new ways of incorporating healthy cooking into my life. I purchased pita bread and 100% All Natural Peanut Butter and made myself this delicious banana peanut butter pita bread as breakfast. It was delicious and very filling, I could only finished half of it!


With the rest of the pita bread, I tried making myself some Pita Bread Pizza! Basically the pita bread acts as the dough/base and I placed whatever toppings I desire on top of it. Last ingredients to include is of course the cheese and bake it in the oven till the cheese is gooey and crusty. It was SUPER DELICIOUS, much healthier and more satisfying than frozen pizzas.


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We’re in another month which also means that it’s time for another unveiling of a Bellabox! The theme of this month is La Petite Parisienne, which also suggests that this month is all about the romantic Paris.

I guess by now you would have known that Bellabox Singapore is a monthly subscription service that surprises consumers with various sample sized products to try out. Like what you received? Bellabox also offers the products for sale at their website, so you could get them online.

A box is priced at SGD$19.95 and they have a annual membership package as well.

Check out my take on last month June’s Bellabox – Haul of Fame!


Hanaka Hydro Rejuvenate Set by Beautify Me (SGD$25; A Set of 10)


“A set of 10 moisturising and rejuvenating facial masks that contain a series of curated skin-nourishing ingredients for maximum skin hydration. Minimise fine lines and show off a natural glow from a set of smoother, healthier complexion. Packed in super-cute macaroon shape containers, one macaroon container is good for 2 applications.” – Bellabox


How adorable are these packaged? Shaped perfectly like our favourite yummy Strawberry macarons, they are in fact facial masks! 1 macaron consists of 2 masks and comes in different treatments for different problems.




I like GlamGlow and have featured it before. I even recorded a demonstration and show you how the mud looks and works on my skin! I usually use GlamGlow on my pamper days where I want to relax and care for myself a little bit better.

As the mask requires some time to dry and wash off, it’s not a process to be rushed. After every GlamGlow application, my skin always becomes more radiant and feels baby soft.Not kidding!




I have been using NUXE for a while previously and it’s great for sensitive skin. I’ve heard raves about the line from users who tend to be picky about their skincare, however it wasn’t very hydrating for my dry skin. On the other hand, L’Oreal’s sunscreen amazes me with claims that it could last for up to 12 hours! I have not tested out their claim, but it sure looks good.


I love all my lip products and could never have enough of them. They may just look like they are all of the same few shades; pink, red, plums, nudes. In my eyes, they are all different, regardless if it’s just a shade or two.


· Ultra-nourishing coral glossy lipstick
· Shiny, shimmery finish with light sparkling pearls
· Non-drying with emollient formula
· Long-lasting with buildable colour intensity

The lipstick may look very intimidating in the tube with its bright orange-red tone. However, I found it to be on the sheer side so it actually isn’t that scary. Once applied, it gave my lips a perk-me-up look and made them look plumper and healthier!



Fragrances! I love my fruity floral scents and this one is just SPOT-ON! The merge of Cranberry and Jasmine Tea can be smelt at first whiff. I can’t say enough of this one and actually genuinely like it among all the other sampled sized perfumes I have ever received before!






I’ve been taking good care of my hair lately and realized that I’m dropping lesser hair and actually thickens in volume. So I’m pretty glad to have received more pampering products for my locks!


So there we go! Bella Box July 2014 edition La Petite Parisienne has got you covered.


Want 1 for yourself or to gift a friend? Head on to BellaBox now! :)


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Contact Lens: Glasses just for the eyeballs.

With the contact lens market in Singapore reaching a new high with around USD 74.8 million in sales, I knew I had to share some of the safety tips that I know with you. Nope, I’m not a contact lens wearer. I almost was. But sadly the accident where I had a hole in my cornea (sounds terrible? :( IT WAS!) has put me off that plan once and for all.

Miss Rusty - WeightLoss - FOTD

However, even though I’m not one of you cool people sporting those coloured contacts, I still have people that I cared for and love that wears them. So I have collated some of the contact lens safety tips for you today!

1. Are Your Contact Lens Inside-Out?

You can still wear shoes that aren’t on the correct side of your feet, just that it’ll be way uncomfortable. However for contact lens, wearing on the wrong side can lead to infections.

contacts-lens-fit-247x96Credits To: www.allaboutvision.com/contacts/contact-lens-tips.htm

If your contact lens form a ‘U’ shape, it’s in the right position. If it’s a flared out ‘U’, then you know if flipped inside out!

2. Wash Your Hands

This seems simple enough, to wash your hands before putting in your contact lens, as the germs on your hands could infect your eyes. But what you may overlook is to also pat them dry after washing. Contact lens could cling on to wet hands, so be sure to wipe them well, best with a lint free towel to avoid such situations.


Another good point to note is to avoid using oily or heavy scented soaps and to be sure that your hands are free of any lotions or moisturizers. If you really need some hydration for your dry hands, wait until you’ve put in your contact lens before doing so.

Why? Simply because the residue from lotions could stick to them!

3. 4-S No-No

Not every time is a good time to wear contact lens. Especially during these 3-S events: Sleeping, Swimming and Showering. In addition, avoid using your saliva to wet contact lens as well. I mean, YUCK!

Remove Before Sleep

We remove our makeup when the day ends to let our skin breathe and should do the same with our eyes and contact lens. When our eyes are closed with contact lens still in place, there’s a reduction in oxygen and the surface of the eyes could become more vulnerable to infection. Further more, as the lens are forced to be very close to the eyes, any germs on the contact lens would be forced to be close to the cornea as well. Not a wise decision! Even during a nap!


Remove Before Swimming/ Showering

There are organism called acanthamoeba in waters like lakes, rivers, swimming pools and even tap water. And these organism could potentially cause eye infection. Thus contact lens should be removed before any of such water-related activities to prevent serious acanthamoeba infections of the eyes.


Don’t use Saliva

This should be simple enough. The saliva houses loads of bacteria so using saliva to wet your contact lens etc is really a terrible idea!

4. Buy from Approved Brands/Vendors

I cannot stress enough how important this point is!

Just like makeup, skincare or even food items, only buy from approved brands/vendors that you trust. Health and wellness is not something that you can afford to play around with. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!


Tip: Get your contact lens from doctors or approved vendors. Don’t try to scrimp on them. Trust me, it’s not worth it. No matter how cheap they are.

5. Replace Case

Looks clean? Probably not so. Contact lens cases get dirty too. And because it houses the very delicate items that goes onto your eyeballs, you’ll want to make sure that the case is always in tip-top condition.

Tip: Rinse your contact lens case with your contact lens solution and a clean toothbrush weekly. Rinse it and leave it open to dry daily and replace it monthly.

6. Start Left

Or right. Always start with the same eye so you don’t get your contact lens mixed up. It’s an easy yet effective tip! Best if you wear daily contact lenses as well, as that would definitely minimize the chances of being an infection!


So there you are! 6 easy contact lens tips that hopefully would be able to help you! Share this with anyone you know or care that are users of contact lens. Thank you! :)

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