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Goes by the nickname Rusty, I was hooked to watching beauty videos on Youtube and surfing the internet for beauty & wellness related websites. Chanced upon other beauty bloggers’ websites, I wanted to be a part of the close knitted beauty community here in Singapore. Hence, my enthusiasm grew quickly into reality when I finally decided to start my own website early 2010 previously at www.musicplayson.onsugar.com to pen down my thoughts.


Why the name ‘Music Plays On” you may ask. I was exposed to Music ever since I was a little girl, learning a Chinese instrument (Zhong Ruan) at a young age of 6. Since then, I followed a musically-influenced environment; Choir in Primary School, Chinese Orchestra in Secondary and went on to pursue a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology in Singapore Polytechnic. The name suddenly appear out of nowhere and got stuck ever since. UNTIL I wanted my own domain and it was unfortunately taken. Thus, Miss Rusty was chosen instead, for obvious reasons.


Now, a Business enthusiast with experience in Marketing, I’m also a true bookworm who loves reading and be motivated by the words of various inspiring people with real life-changing stories. I’m thankful for all the wonderful people that I have met through writing and events that I get to attend. Besides participating and winning Cleo’s Next Top Blogger 2012, I also just became one of the top 10 finalist in Singapore Blog Awards (OmySG SBA) Best Beauty Blog 2014. The journey has been amazing so far.I hope you enjoy your read here with me. Mean while, have an amazing day! 🙂


YOU make a difference in being part of my journey and I sincerely hope I do too!


If you wish to contact me, email me at contact@missrusty.net. 



Miss Rusty



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