When it comes to cards, everyone owns more than they should.

Credit cards, membership cards, office passes, loyalty cards etc. There are just so many of them!

I even know some people who actually purchase a dedicated wallet just for their cards!

But for me, I prefer to separate the better-loved cards from the colder ones. And I choose to house all of them in this gorgeous Plånkan cardholder from Gaston Luga.

Why do I need this cardholder?

First, it’s gorgeous.

Second, it can hold at least 5 cards! With 4 pockets for cards and 1 large pocket for other cards or cash, this cardholder will house your essential needs.

Third, the material is soft yet sturdy. Handmade with love, you can be assured of a great quality piece.

Did I mention how classic the debossed Gaston Luga logo pattern is?

So this cardholder is all I need?

Yes, it is!

It’s perfect for times when you really just need the essential cards but don’t want to take your handbag along.

Or when you need to use certain cards more often and want to avoid the hassle of digging through your bag for your huge wallet, only to go through the task of finding the needed card.

And it’s affordable?

Retailing for SGD$69, you’ll get more than just a cardholder.

You’ll also get convenience, and style!

But wait!

If you are interested in other Gaston Luga products, I also featured their Gaston Luga backpack.


There’s 20% off tax rebate and free shipping! And if you use my unique code, you’ll get an additional 15% off!


Shop Gaston Luga Cardholder here!

[Products were sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]


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