Gaston Luga Backpacks are always a better choice when it comes to bags. It’s comfortable and they fit a lot of stuff. Oh, you know how girls are. We need everything, just in case! I always felt the need to bring my umbrella, water bottle, portable charger, makeup, and the list goes on and on. So I was ecstatic when I was kindly gifted the Gaston Luga backpack (Praper) to try out! “The Pråper: the dominant, simplistic and elegant design that will look good in any… Read more »

I know I hauled from Taobao just last month, but I simply cannot resist getting more stuff! As I’m writing this haul, I am waiting for another shipment to arrive. So it’s obvious to safe that, I’M OBSESSED AND ADDICTED! I HAVE TO EMPHASIZE THAT THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST NOR AN ADVERTORIAL AND I PAID EVERYTHING USING MY OWN MONEY AND SHIP VIA 65DAIGOU. This is not my first time ordering from Taobao and have always been using… Read more »

    F1 – The event that has captured many hearts, regardless of age, gender or country. If you still think that Singapore is boring, think again. Like you (probably), I once thought that besides the usual shopping day outs and movie nights, there’s really nothing much left for us to do here locally. However, I began to pay more attention and realized that there are actually loads of events that are held in Singapore. Marathons, night festivals and pedestrian… Read more »