LUMINE Japan 3D Skincare – An original series of premium facial care product that aims to deliver 3 major benefits to users. What are those 3 major benefits? Read on! Made in Japan, the line comes with 5 different products, each step to target specific problem areas. You’ll be glad to know that LUMINE Japan 3D skincare does not contain any artificial chemical, coloring, fragrance and preservatives. Being completely natural, it is highly recommended by beauty experts from… Read more »

    So I went for my first visit to New York Skin Solutions around 2 months ago and have underwent their treatment a few times now. I usually pop by their Ngee Ann outlet after work to indulge myself in a relaxing session of facial treatment and massage. After each time, I always feel refreshed and my skin is supple and soft to the touch. If you have missed out my post where I touched on the step-by-step of… Read more »

    I don’t usually go to facials and face treatments. However, with my increase number of age, fatigue from work and other external factors like sleeping late and pollution, my skin has been far from ideal. So when the opportunity came for me to try out New York Skin Solutions, I hopped on immediately! WHO IS NEW YORK SKIN SOLUTIONS? Using only 100% botanical ingredients in their products and services, New York Skin Solutions (NYSS) has been around since… Read more »