Hello everyone! Do you like the bracelet shown below? I was bored at Art Friend so I Googles what is fun to do. And amazingly, I found this blog post. I was so excited and decided to try it myself!

If you are thinking that all these costs a lot, you’re wrong. It’s actually quite inexpensive! The embroidery threads are SGD$0.91 each. And each of these packets are not more than SGD$2 each. For the bracelet I just did, you’ll need 3 embroidery threads, I chose Red, Blue and Purple. Charms, jewelry clasps and jump rings are needed too. I paid a total of SGD$11 for the things below, however I could make at least 2 or more bracelets.

Now first measure the length of your wrist and double it, cut that length and you would want 9 pieces. Then, tie a knot and start braiding it in groups of 3. Braid all the way until a little more than the length of your wrist.

Repeat the same process for all 3 colors of your embroidery threads.

After which tie them together. Make sure you measures properly before you make a knot. You wouldn’t want your bracelet to be too short! I made that mistake. 🙁

Next, take a jump ring and hook it to one of your threads. Before closing and securing it, hook your charm in it. Different charms can be hooked to different color threads, there’s no wrong or right to this so just follow your heart!

At the ends of the bracelets where there are the knots tied earlier, apply some clear nail polish to tightly secure the knots to ensure that they would not come loose.

I made my bracelet too short, so I had to use numerous jump rings to make it longer. You can do this too! I prefer this anyways because I can adjust the size of the bracelet as and when I like.

Look at that fish charm! It’s actually a paper clip. So run loose with all your creative ideas! You could even take some of your old jewelry and transform them.

I hope this is easy and interesting. Thanks for reading! 😀


Miss Rusty



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