Dyna Argan Oil Treatment:

DYNA HAIR TREATMENT REVIEW – The latest technology from Japan which helps to reduce frizzy hair, making hair straighter. | 100% no formaldehye | Ammonia Free | Safe for pregnant ladies | Key Ingredient: Argan Oil (World’s rarest and most expensive plant oil) | Suitable for people who has rebonded their hair before or have unruly and un-manageable hair. | Treats hair instead of damaging it.


I don’t hate my hair. In fact, I have a healthy loving relationship with my mane and most of the time, you can see from my pictures that my hair cooperates well with me. But behind the lens, there’s tons and tons of hard work. I spend at least half an hour daily trying to tame my hair down with heat tools like the blowdryer and hair straightener. That’s not good, isn’t it? The above image is what my hair looks like au naturale and what I look like every morning and after a shower. Yeah, I’ve lived with that explosion all my life. Unruly, unmanageable, frizzy hair that looks like someone has planted a bomb in my hair! Charles from Headlines has saved my hair before and you can see how he transformed my hair previously. But I have new problems since then.

1. Unsightly black roots growing at the top of my head.
2. Frizziness and unruly.
3. Super wavy hair that is unmanageable.
4. Dry hair.


To tackle the problem of those unsightly black roots growing at the top of my head, Charles helped to touch them up before moving on to the much anticipated Dyna Argan Oil Treatment.




There are 3 options for your professional hair stylist to choose from, depending on the kind of hair that you have. Charles scrutinized and inspected my hair carefully before choosing the blue packet for my dyed, unruly hair. Applying it on my mane, it is left for around 20 minutes for the magic to happen. This process is able to relax curly, color damage hair and gives hair a soft and natural finish. Since the product is Ammonia free, there’s no pungent scent unlike the process of rebonding and is also safe for pregnant ladies!



Once the alarm goes off after 20 minutes, the first cream is washed out and hair is prepped for the next step. Similar to rebonding, heat from the straightener is applied evenly so that hair could remain straight even after washes. Transformation will be done very soon!



To finish the treatment, the Dyna After cream is applied as the last step to protect and seal in all the earlier procedures. Again, once applied, the hair is left to do its magic for around 10 minutes. What happens after that? Just wash it off and you’re done! If you think after washing off, Charles used the straightener to straighten my hair again, you’re wrong. Only a blowdryer is used and straight hair is already achieved!




Black roots? CHECKED. Touched up with a similar colour and blended perfectly with the rest of my hair. Loved how Charles professionally mixed the colours to ensure a flawless blend. From my left profile, you can see how curly and messy my hair is before. After the treatment, my hair is soft, smooth and falls naturally straight. Allow me to point your focus towards the back of my head as well. Just look how straight it now is! Again, blowdrying my hair to a dry state is the only thing he did after the treatment.





Meet Charles once again, the smart man who transformed many ladies including me, like a fairy godmother in fairytales! He’s the friendliest, the most informative and the most helpful hair stylist I have ever met in Singapore. I 100% recommend him if you ever need anything to do with your hair!



Of course it is! Dyna Argan Oil Treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to straighten their hair without facing the damages that rebonding does. Since it’s a treatment, it’s actually good for you with the essence of Argan Oil. If you have been contemplating to get you hair permanently straightened because of how harmful rebonding is, now is the perfect time to do it with Dyna! Also, since it is Ammonia free, even pregnant mothers-to-be can enjoy this treatment and achieve smooth, beautiful hair as well.




– It’s a treatment thus good for your hair instead of harming them.
– Uses Argan Oil (rarest and most expensive plant oil) and is Ammonia free to straighten, repair and nourish hair damaged by frequent dyeing and perming.
– Results in soft, natural smooth hair instead of stick-like hair.
– Hydrates and moisturizes hair.
– Lasts for 4-6 months.
– Rich in Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and 6.
– Shields hair against UV rays.
– Easy maintenance without the use of specialized shampoo or conditioner.

Have I not said enough to convince you how amazing this treatment is? Upon hearing what this Japan originated Dyna Treatment does to my hair, I’m completely sold and pondered how everyone is NOT educated with this information. Hair could be saved without sacrificing beauty at the same time – it’s a WIN-WIN situation!


Under natural lighting, this is how my hair looks like. Color blended beautifully and my hair looks smooth and fixed up. I’m elated that I now can wake up to beautiful hair without spending too much time heat treating it daily! Want the same treatment? Look for Charles and remember to quote ‘Blogger Rusty’ to enjoy a 10% discount for any services!

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Address: 18 cross street #01-15 China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Contact: 6221 6866
Hair Stylist: Charles


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6 thoughts on “Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment Review – Headlines

    1. Rusty Heng Post author

      Hello Ruoyu, thanks for your comment! 🙂

      I can’t speak for Goldwell Kerasilk treatment because I have not tried it. So, I can’t really compare since I have not tested it out before. However, I definitely do recommend the Mucota Dyna treatment! It’s really the best thing that I have ever come across. 🙂


    2. Abigail

      Hi I’ve tried both Goldwell and Mucota Treatment and MUCOTA is definitely the best! Without the pungent smell and results are long lasting too!


  1. Joanna

    Hi Rusty! 🙂 just discovered your blog while trying to find out what mucota is haha. I think I’m gonna try it out 🙂 🙂 I love your hair colour in this post!!! <3 would you mind letting me know where you got it coloured and what colour dye + highlights you got (names/numbers)?? Thanks SO MUCH 🙂


    1. Rusty Heng Post author

      Hello Joanna! Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment. Yes, I totally would recommend trying out the treatment! It has been amazing and my life has been totally transformed. Honestly, I’m not too sure of the exact color dye I have in the picture. Because Charles has always been the one mixing it. Perhaps you can call and ask Charles instead? He would be the best person to know since he’s always the one who helped me to colour and touch-up my hair. Thanks once again Joanna and good luck! <3


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