Have you ever considered doing eyelash extensions but put it off after hearing various feedback? Well, I did too. However, since my trip to Beauty Asia, I was introduced to Novalash and loved my first experience with it! (Read my post here!)

Then Jocelyn, the owner of Lolita Beauty Studio, graciously offered to sponsor me Novalash eyelash extensions for 6 months! How awesome is that, waking up to gorgeous lashes! And now YOU, my reader will be able to enjoy a special discount as well! 🙂


With fluttery full lashes like these, I don’t even need to have any eye makeup and still look decent. Yay to sleeping in a little bit more each morning!


I went for my first full set (after Beauty Asia’s) at their newly reopened store. I popped by their open house party previously so check it out here. First, they tapped my under eye area.


I went alone that day and thus you can just imagine how I tried to shots when my eyes are closed while my therapist is doing her magic. It was so awkward and difficult at the same time! I tried my best in getting decent shots but you could always check out my Beauty Asia post to view more pictures!

So here’s Jelina, my sweet therapist, focusing on getting my eyelashes primped. Doesn’t she look the sweetest? Also, did I already mention that she has magic hands that could changed the way one looks?



All done! After glueing the extensions onto my real lashes, the next step is to spray some water to cure it. After which, eyelashes are blow dried so it stays put.


Check out the difference in my eyelashes! Honestly, I look so much refresher and awake. It’s amazing how eyelashes can make such a huge difference in the way one looks.


My real eyelashes droop downwards thus making my eyes look smaller and sleepy. This is definitely NOT the look that I was going for. After getting extensions done, don’t you agree my eyes appear to be larger and much more awake? Also, eyeliner and mascara can be skipped totally!


If you’re still not convinced to try out getting your eyelashes done, let me share my experience with you!

I’m a girl who can’t live without mascara, because I acknowledged the fact that eyelashes can make such a huge difference in one’s looks. However, I always had the fear of doing eyelash extensions because I’ve heard many negative feedback; can’t touch water, increase of eyelashes dropping, uncomfortable etc. But I decided to go ahead and try out Novalash because they addressed my concerns!

These are a few questions that I posed to Lolita, and their answers opened my mind and heart to eyelash extensions. If you have ANY questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me and I’ll be more than happy to address it! 😀


And for you! Here’s a special treat!

Quote NOVALASH@RUSTY and receive a new look for only SGD$39! Since it’s mother’s day, you could also treat your mum (or anyone you want really).


Thanks everyone for reading, and I wish all of you to have gorgeous lashes! 🙂



Miss Rusty



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2 thoughts on “Getting Novalash Eyelash Extensions – Lolita

    1. Rusty Heng Post author

      Hello Amanda! It has been quite a long time since I did Novalash but even if I did it recently, I won’t be able to be specific as to how many strands were added to each eye. They use individual lash and would depend on how much is needed for each individual’s eyes in order to achieve the look. Thus, mostly likely every person would be different. Thanks! 😀


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