Gone were the days of sporting a pair of thin well arched brows. Although some people still love eyebrows with an arch, many prefer to follow the latest Korean trend of having thicker well groomed brows. Partly because it’s more youthful, softer looking and frames the face perfectly. But if disaster strikes when you are trying to achieve those brows by over-plucking them, what happens? Here are some remedies which can help your over-plucked eyebrows to grow out faster!

1. Take A Break

Miss Rusty - Regrow Over Plucked Eyebrows

Needless to say, if you want your eyebrows to grow out, you have to stop plucking at them. Patience and time are the 2 most important things in this situation and one has no choice but to wait. Put down your tweezers, set aside your threads and stop going to professionals trying to salvage with that last strand of hope. The best thing you can do to help is to wait while doing the next few following tips.

2. Supplements


Image Credits: http://www.nutraingredients.com/Research/High-dose-vitamin-supplements-may-reduce-lifespan-by-up-to-a-quarter-Animal-data

I’m sure you know that for hair to grow, essential nutrients and a well-balanced diet is important and key. Vitamin B, Beta Carotene, Iron and Protein are some of the nutrients that act like catalysts to speed up the hair growing process. If you think your diet doesn’t contain enough of these important nutrients, add daily supplements to your routine with formulations that’ll help with the health of your skin, nails and hair.

3. Stay Hydrated

Miss Rusty - Regrow Over Plucked Eyebrows Drink Water

Water is your best friend, regardless it’s for your skin, health or over-plucked eyebrows. When your body is hydrated, your hair will be hydrated as well thus helping them to grow faster and stronger. Beware though, that only pure plain water helps. Not the sugary drinks that we indulge in nor alcoholic beverages we enjoy. This is a no brainer, so drink up!

4. Avoid Harsh Makeup

Miss Rusty - Regrow Over Plucked Eyebrows Makeup

Avoid harsh eyebrow dyes or any strong chemical treatments while growing them out. Eyebrow powders, gels, tints or pencils are good alternatives to create the perfect eyebrow shape that you want while waiting for them to grow back. Using makeup sure helps you to pull through that difficult period while allowing you to look your very best!

My Current Brows

I always wanted to flaunt a pair of Korean eyebrows but because I have rather thick eyebrows, it was difficult for me to maintain without regulating a professional brow salon. However recently, I tried tweezing my own eyebrows, careful not to over-plucked them and with the use of makeup products, here’s my current brows!

Miss Rusty - Regrow Over Plucked Eyebrows Drawing Eyebrows

Miss Rusty - Eyebrows

Hope that this helps, what sort of eyebrows do you own and prefer? Let me know. 🙂


Miss Rusty



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