I hauled! As most of you girls know, Top Shop has just launched their newest makeup line the day before. And I wanted a number of items. I’m aware some of you girl aren’t that interested in Top Shop makeup line but I don’t know why but I am! Hahaha. So I went there yesterday. And sadly! So many things were sold out! All their blushes were gone except for this really dark plumy colour. And I was so excited to get the stuff that I wanted! But, I’m gonna go back on Wednesday just because the sales assistant said that they are going to restock on Wednesday. So, trust me! I’ll be there and back with more haulage. LOL.

For now, I only got their something from their SS10 Trend collection.  I got the eyeshadow trio in Sunstar. I knew I was going to get a trio, but was kinda confused between the moon one and sun one. In the end, I got the sunstar because just because of the gold. Hehe.


The box is pretty. But when I open it, GOSH! The packaging is just plain cheap looking. It’s scratchy and the sound is just like the sound of cheap plastic. I couldn’t blame them. The price is really affordable and I think one of the reasons is because the packaging is cheap.

The product looks really pretty in the pan. But the colour payout is not exactly pigmented and great. I have to keep swiping it back and forth to actually get the best colour. I’m not sure how it will look on my lids though. Will try it out today. Haha.

It says that it can be used wet or dry so I decided to try out if there’s a difference. Do you see a difference? Want to guess which one is wet  and which is dry? The swatches on the left is wet and the swatches on the right is dry. Difference? Not so much. In real life, it does have a slight difference, but seriously not obvious. Maybe 10% more vibrant?

Next up, I went to Sephora. I have problems with my scalp getting itchy often and my hair loss is crazy! So I wanted to get something for my hair to solve these problems. And I got this.

Have you girls heard of this brand before? The range is wide! Their shampoo and conditioner of 225ml costs $20 each. They also got a set which costs $40, that includes 3 225ml of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I think that was a good deal! But I didn’t get that. Why? Let me just briefly tell you my experience. Haha. On top of the shelf, there are name cards.

My boyfriend took one and said, ” Hey! There are name cards. Just call the person and ask which one to buy la! “.

Because on the name card wrote Product Advisor. So, my boyfriend actually called up! Haha. He was like, ” Hi, are you Vanessa, the product advisor of this brand A’Kin? I’m in Sephora Ion now and want to get a gift for my girlfriend. She’s having problems with itchy scalp and hair loss. blah blah blah. “

SO FUNNY CAN! I was laughing all along! I don’t dare or rather don’t like to call people and ask,  I don’t even like SA in the store to approach me. So she advised my boyfriend, and in the end we followed her advise and just got the Vitamin Masque. I hope it helps my conditions.

So that’s all! More hauls to come! 😀


Miss Rusty



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