Nothing feels better than getting your hair done at a salon to boost self confidence. I guess that’s also the reason why people tend to cut their hair when they are feeling down. Are you one of them? Even if you are the happiest person on earth, I bet you’ll still feel happier when you get pampered at a salon. I love a hair transformation; getting a gorgeous cut, changing up my hair color or making my hair healthier and softer with a hair treatment. If you are always looking out for those, then you’ll enjoy this as I introduce Headlines Hair Dressing to you with their impeccable knowledge and skills to help you transform into a beauty goddess!

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - After Highlights

Headlines Hair Dressing

Tucked away in a corner within China Square Central, it’s easy to find and rather convenient just minutes away from the MRT station. I used to work just opposite China Square Central so I know exactly where it is. Did you notice that the toilet is just beside it? So if you ever need to rush out of the salon to relief yourself in the middle of a dyeing process, at least it’s just a short distance, saving you from any further embarrassment!

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Shop Front

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Salon Chairs

Super comfortable yet stylish maroon animal-print chairs beautify the salon and they provide the usual magazines for your reading pleasure. At each seat, a bag hook is also thoughtfully provided so you don’t have to hug your bag or place it on the floor.

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Chairs Magazine Rack

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Magazine

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Bag

Highlights & Dye

The first thing I went through is highlighting and dyeing my hair. I have not done highlights before so I’m really excited about how it would turn out. Carefully dividing my hair into tiny sections, aluminium foil is used to prevent the dye from touching other areas. Psst, check out the intensity of his Purple hair. So gorgeous right! Also done at Headlines Hair Dressing.

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Highlighting

After the highlights, they proceeded to help me save my hair by dyeing it. It’s very scientific you know. I have always loved Red hair and was told that it’s the most difficult color to get rid of. Charles explained to me that it’s because of the red dye molecules’ tiny size that results in faster color fading, and also difficult to remove as they always get stuck.

Interesting Fun Knowledge: Charles used a ‘toner’ to help me tone down the reds in my hair. How is that possible?! It was the first time I heard something like that is possible. Basically, it works just like how a coloured primer does. Remember those green primer to help even our the reds on your face, or purple ones which counteracts yellow undertones? It’s similar, except it’s for the hair. How amazing is that!

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Highlights

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Heat

Mucota Scena Hair Treatment Step 1 & 2: Treatment

Of course I had to try their famous Mucota Scena Hair Treament! First, I was brought to the hair washing area to wash off the dye in my hair and apply the first step of the treatment. Contains 4 kinds of ceramides, cholesterol and phytosphingosine included in natural ceramide to recreate same structure of hair’s intercellular lipid, it helps to improve the repair function. Then Charles used the syringe to apply the second step which is to strengthen the roots, I need that!

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Treatment Step 2

Mucota Scena Hair Treatment Step 3: Mist

Lastly, a mist is used to help lock all the moisture into my hair so none gets out and I get to enjoy the maximum benefit of the Mucota Scena Hair Treatment. How cool is that! I feel like I just stepped into a oldies movie with all that steam.

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Treatment Step 3

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Treatment Step 3 - 2

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Blow Dry

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Blow Drying


And it’s done! I sat in that chair for around 5 hours and loving every moment of it! Not only does my hair looks awesome, it feels soft and smooth as well. I also had a personalized haircut by Charles who professionally helped me to analyze my face shape and helped to create a look that is best suited for me.

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - After 2

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - After 3

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - After Salon

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Before After Back

Here’s Charles, the friendliest and knowledgable hair stylist/ creative director ever! He even has a profile of his own at the salon, you can read his colorful experience here on their website. To brag, he has been featured in various reputable magazines such as Tatler, Female and FHM as well as opportunities to participate in hair shows that showcase his talent!

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Charles

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Charles Bio


The price is actually decent and not too expensive. What’s more, I have a 10% discount for you if you quote ‘Rusty’!

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Price

I’m loving my hair!

More pictures of my new hair. I just had to snap more pictures before I wash my hair and couldn’t recreate the style Charles did for me. Doesn’t that always happens? The color in my hair is still quite dark but I was told that it’ll lighten as time goes by.

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - After

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - Afterr

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - After Highlights - 2

1 Week Later

So time has passed, and as mentioned I was told that the color in my hair would become lighter over time. So I thought it would only be right to show you how it looks like after 1 week. Indeed, the highlights in my hair has gotten lighter and I’m really loving how it turns out! The soft browns blends in nicely with the other color in my hair.

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - 1 Week 2

Miss Rusty - Headline Hairdressing - 1 Week

You can find Headlines Hairdressing at the following:

Address: 18 cross street #01-15 China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Contact: 6221 6866


And remember, you’ll get 10% off any services when you quote ‘Rusty! Now go on and get yourself a hair makeover with Charles! 🙂


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