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It’s been 2 months since I last visited Headlines Hairdressing and my hair is definitely in need of some help. If you still remember my drastic hair transformation previously where I underwent Mucota Dyna Argan Oil hair treatment, here’s a little update. The magic has not worn off and my locks are still as smooth, untangled and straight! So if you have been considering about the hair treatment, I hope my 2-months-later update is able to change that consideration into action. :p

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Before Rusty

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Black Roots

So here’s the result of waiting 2 months before I seek help. Unsightly black roots growing at the top of my head and it’s not a pretty sight. The photo was taken after a long day at 7pm so my hair is a little frizzy and messy. Also, another issue that Charles has been trying to resolve is to get the RED out of my hair, which is the most difficult thing to do! So once again, he used Colours Matrix in Green to help neutralize the Red in my hair, much like how a green makeup base helps to neutralize the red areas on the face.

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Colours Matrix

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Hair Makeover

And so the dyeing process started. The whole procedure was fast, yet they covered the needed areas perfectly without missing a spot. That calls for skill and meticulousness. If not for the wait for the dye to do its thing on my hair, I presume I would be in and out of Headlines in no time since they are so fast! After washing the dye out, Charles proceeded to put a treatment in my hair and use this steam machine to speed up the process. I was still lying at the washing area as they said it’s more comfortable for me. Such caring and thoughtful people!

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Before

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Steam

Miss Rusty - Headlines - After Rusty

Tadah! Unsightly black roots GONE! Most reds in my hair GONE! The result is a head full of soft and smooth locks of a Rusty colour. Charles has the intention to transform my hair to a Rusty shade. Rusty, get it? :p

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Black Roots Growing

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Roots After

I love to change up my looks once in a while as I get bored of the same hairstyle every now and then. So I conveyed that to Charles and he helped to satisfy my request with one simple step. Changing up the parting of my hair! It’s such a simple process, too simple that I didn’t think of it. I felt that I looked fresher and more professional looking.

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Rusty 2

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Rusty 3

And here’s Charles, the man behind my magical hair journey so far! The person who is trying to save my destroyed locks all these time. I highly recommend him to you if you are searching for the right hair stylist to help you with your needs and not just about doing business. He cares about the condition of your hair, the way your hair frames your face and definitely want to make you feel good about yourself and your hair.

Miss Rusty - Headlines - Charles

Website: www.headlines.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/headlines.sg
Address: 18 cross street #01-15 China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Contact: 6221 6866
Hair Stylist: Charles

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4 thoughts on “Black to Rusty – Headlines Hairdressing

  1. Joanna

    Hi Rusty, it’s me again! 🙂 thanks for replying to my previous post about your hair colour, it was very lovely of you 🙂 I have a couple more questions:
    1. The colour of your hair looks redder than the photos taken in the salon… Is that a matter of the lighting?
    2. Is there ammonia in the dye used at Headlines?

    Thanks in advance! *muack*


    1. Rusty Heng Post author

      Hey Joanna, no worries! I’m always glad to help. 🙂 Okay, here are my answers:

      1. Well, it’s kinda because of the lighting. A little bit of background, my hair was dyed Red when I first met Charles. And I learnt from him that Red dyes are the most difficult color to get rid of yet is also the easiest color to fade because of the size of the Red molecules. It’s not too big nor too small, and thus some will get stuck in the hair, while some will just leave the hair while bathing. So Charles has been helping me to get rid of the Reds in my hair for almost a year now! The photos of my hair looks redder may be due to the previous dyes.

      2. But I can’t answer this question because I have no idea! It would be better if you can call and ask him instead. Sorry!



      1. iam23now

        Hi Rusty,

        Thanks a lot once again! (: no problem, yep, will give him a call and ask! (: wow, the red dye must be rather difficult to get rid of since it’s been awhile and it can still be seen! 😀



        1. Rusty Heng Post author

          Hey Joanna,

          No worries, always a pleasure! yes, the red dye is crazily difficult to get rid off. Charles had a really hard time but should be gone very very soon! Hehe. 🙂


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