My hair has been very well taken care of for the past 2 and a half years. Charles from Headlines Hairdressing has been nothing but a great help. Even with frizzy problematic hair, he has always been patient and has advised the best solutions to help.

He has solved my problems with frizziness, hair loss and even curbed my curious appetite for wild colours.

Have a certain style you want to achieve? Find him!

Not sure what to rock next? Find him!

Stuck with chronic problems like loss of hair? Find him!

Regardless of what you may face. With Charles, I’m sure you will be in good hands.


What my hair needed is basically divided into 2 sections:

1. Getting rid of frizziness

2. Colouring

I have written a few posts touching on both areas previously. So if you’re interested, click on each thumbnail above to be directed to the respective posts!


After being introduced to Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment, I doubt I will ever go back. Living as a frizzy-haired girl can be stressful; I used to straighten my hair every morning!

That’s 15 minutes spent just on my hair (if I’m quick!) daily. Which makes up to 105 minutes per week. Hmm, let me calculate for a second… That’s 5,040 minutes per year!

84 hours per year is wasted on straightening my hair.

Don’t you agree that there’s so much more things to do for 84 hours other than straightening hair?

Which brings me back to my point. Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment. A treatment that not only treats your hair, but also straightens it (or curl it, if that’s your jam!). Are you sure? That’s always the question I get whenever I speak about Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment to someone.

And yes, yes I’m sure!

We are so used to the fact that straightening our hair is BAD, that when a good product exists that not only straightens hair, but treats it, we become skeptical. And I’m not blaming you. I was too!


But after experiencing it for about 2 and a half years now, I have full trust towards Dyna. Not only do I not have to deal with frizzy hair problems, my hair is significantly softer and more tamed.

miss-rusty-mucota-argan-oil-treatment-afterAlso, I love how I don’t have to commit to a certain hair parting. So hair isn’t always weighed down and become limp and flat. Whenever I feel that my hair needs a boost, I flip it to the other side and VOILA! Awesome “Curry-Puff” hair makes me feel and look fresh!


Colouring is equally important as well. Just take a look at this.


Are you cringing at the 2 tone hair colour yet? I do know that gradient hair is in trend right now. But not 2 tone!

What Charles has used on me is L’Oreal Matrix Wonderlight.


This colour dye uses Lipid-Lift™ Technology that help to nourish and protect hair while lifting. No wonder my hair feels light, soft even after colouring!



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