After more than half a year of not going back to Charles, you can see that my hair has become really unkempt. Black roots are showing so much that it’s becoming a gradient effect soon, the shape of my previous haircut is no longer seen and look just how frizzy my hair has become! *Alarms are obviously ringing for me to go get my hair done!*


So off I went to Charles for him to do his magic, to make my hair ready for the upcoming Chinese New Year. He helped dyed my roots to match the rest of my hair, touched up the Dyna treatment and cut my locks to be neater. Already seeing a vast difference ya?


But what’s interesting this time is the introduction of this! I mentioned to Charles a few times that I’m rather concerned with the rate of my hair falling. Sometimes, I look at the floor and see that there’s heaps of my long strands of hair. And I’ll FREAK OUT immediately!

But here comes Charles to the rescue. He listened to my concern and recommended me to go through this new Microneedle therapy that could help problems with hair loss. I was elated!



Just like any other treatment, just going through once or twice isn’t enough. You can’t expect to see miracles without continuous, regular usage right? Other than the microneedles themselves, what really helps is the Active Cellular Essence, which comes in a pack of 10.

And if I remember correctly, Headlines Hairdressing is introducing this treatment within a package of 10 treatments. So the whole box of 10 is yours! Upon confirming the package, your name will be written on the box and will be safe guarded till your next visit.



Yes, these are the microneedles. They don’t look as scary, do they? Now to explain a little bit more, the Active Cellular Essence shown above is really the serum that would minimize the problem of hair loss. However, the microneedles is to help increase the penetration of the serum so it works better!

Sounds scary? Don’t be! The logic behind this is vaguely similar to Acupuncture. Where the needles are non-invasive, and penetrate just the top layers of the skin without causing any damage. Besides encouraging the absorption of the serum, the microneedles also encourages the skin’s own repair and hair growth mechanisms so it’s a win-win!




Absolutely! If you realized, the box above that houses the machine only consisted of the handle and the wires, no microneedles! And it’s because all microneedles are packed individually in packets just like how the hospitals packed their needles. So no microneedles are used twice nor reuse. Not even on yourself! So be rest assured that it’s safe since every microneedles used per visit is a brand new one.



Absolutely not! It does feel like something is pricking my scalp but the needles are so tiny and non-invasive that it’s actually quite comfortable. I’m not sure it’s because of the serum or the microneedles but I do feel a cooling sensation during the treatment.



Now, I’ve only gone through 1 treatment so I can’t see the difference but it does seemed promising! Charles has been helping me with my hair for almost a year now and I’m super thankful to have him care for my locks. I’m always in trusted hands (if it’s his hands) and would definitely recommend you to get your hair done by him! 🙂

Website: www.headlines.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/headlines.sg
Address: 18 cross street #01-15 China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Contact: 6221 6866
Hair Stylist: Charles

Quote “MISS RUSTY” to get 10% off all services. Have fun rocking your new look! 😀



[Service was sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]


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