Skincare is one of the most basic and important part of beauty. As the saying goes: Prevention is always better than cure. Just ask any beauty professionals. Most would probably agree that having a suitable skincare routine is key to achieving flawless skin. Needless to say, it’s much easier and logical to spend a little more time applying your night creams than spot concealing in the morning.

So I’m always trying out new skincare. Besides getting bored of using the same products over and over again, I’m also under the impression that my skin changes regularly and thus would require different products from time to time.

I’ve tried the range from Herbalife Skin for over a month now and here’s my thoughts on the line.



They’ve sent me 2 cleansers; the Soothing Aloe one for normal to dry skin and the Polishing Citrus one for normal to oily skin. I would consider my skin type to be normal leaning towards the dry side. And I thought both would work rather well for me.

However sadly, the Polishing Citrus Cleanser had dried my skin out. I persevered using it for about a week before switching because I wanted to see if it really is the culprit to my flaky and tight skin. Indeed it was. At first, I was loving it. The fresh scent of Orange and Grapefruit together with the deep cleansing micro-beads really appealed to me. But results otherwise.


The Soothing Aloe Cleanser on the other hand, seems boring as a normal transparent liquid soap. However, with Aloe Vera as the main ingredient, its moisturizing properties really helped in hydrating my skin. The soap lather up slightly just enough to gently remove all the dirt and debris. After washing it off, my skin is left feeling clean, soft yet hydrated.


Have you noticed that the products are labelled in numbers? That’s because they have such a wide range of products and one may get confused (like me!) about it. So by labeling them makes things easier and clearer.



The next step after cleansing is to tone the skin and Herbalife’s range offers one that sprays. What’s great about it is that it has an alcohol-free formulation that is definitely good news to sensitive skin. The act of spraying the toner on the skin is just like misting and the coolness of it is just perfect on a warm day. I enjoyed using it in the mornings but not particularly at night, since it’s cooler then.



I usually apply my eye products before my serums, but since the products are numbered the other way round, I heeded their recommendation. I’m used to liquidy serums that has a lighter, thinner consistency and this is definitely not one of them. Though thicker, it still spreads well and the feeling that is left behind is one that is smooth and non-sticky.



Looking just like the serum, their Hydrating Eye Cream within the same range is thick. I’m really afraid of using thick eye creams for the fear of them being too rich for the skin around my eyes. So I used this sparingly. Because of its rich and thick consistency, it does the job well in hydrating my eyes but took some time in absorbing into the skin.




Herbalife Skin range also offers 2 kinds of moisturizers, to cater for different times within the day. Daily Glow Moisturizer for the day and Replenishing Night Cream before I go to bed. Both are of similar consistency and reminds me of their serum and eye cream. Though the product is on the thicker side, I felt it wasn’t super hydrating enough for my dry skin.




Last but not least are the treatments series within the line. I wouldn’t recommend you to purchase both but rather based it on your skin type even though both are suitable to used for all types of skin. For dryer skin, I felt the Instant Reveal Berry Scrub works better to get rid of those flaky, dead skin. On the other hand, their Purifying Mint Clay Mask works great for oily skin types where the clay would soak up the excess sebum left on the surface.



Although it’s a scrub that involves physical scrubbing with the seeds, it’s gentle and the act of exfoliation is minor yet effective. After using it, my skin felt baby soft, silky smooth yet not tight at all! I would definitely recommend this one.



I’ve had my fair share of clay masks, including the famous Queen Helene Mint Julep one that everyone was crazy about in the past. Herbalife Skin’s Mint Clay Mask is something similar to that. However, I felt that it doesn’t stings as much and is smoother to apply. Queen Helene’s clumped up a whole lot which made it a difficult process. After using Herbalife’s, my skin felt very clean, as if the mask had an army to help cleanse my face. However on the down side, as per all clay masks, it is a tedious process to wash it off.


[Products were sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]


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