Shopping is essential in life. Everyone needs to shop. Regardless if you are 12 years old or 60 years old, the trading of goods and money is always present. Without it, we would have nothing!

Look at your left, what do you see? Look at your right, do you remember where you got the item? Close your eyes, then open them, grab hold of the first object you see. Chances are, these items are purchased by you or someone else and that’s part of shopping.

shopping ˈʃɒpɪŋ/
the purchasing of goods from shops.


Now, since we have all accepted the fact that shopping is part and essential in life, the best we could do is try to save more money when shopping.


Shopping is to spend money and sometimes, you can get into the heat of the moment and just can’t stop adding more things into your cart. Now, halt! Since budgeting has been my top priority recently because of an upcoming wedding and purchase of a flat, I have been racking my brains to think of ways to save money. So here are some tricks as to how to save money while shopping! 😀


Making full use of technology, online shopping has got to be one of the most well invented idea ever! I’m a huge sucker of online shopping. Not only is it more convenient for me as a consumer, I can curb that ‘shoppers itch‘ right then and there.

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Without the bricks-and-mortar store, there is no rent. And yes, I acknowledge the fees that an online shop has to pay for like domain and website maintenance fees. However, the amount may still be lesser than physical stores. And that’s why shopping online may be cheaper.


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Further more, buying online via websites that ship worldwide could get you stuff that you may not be able to get hold of locally!


There’s no excuses to waste extra money on the same items anymore! With Google, Yahoo or any other search engines available, always do your homework and search for more information about your potential purchase.


You’ll be surprised at how much the price difference could vary. I often almost buy things at physical stores at around 40-50% more expensive than buying them online!


Credit card bills: A no-no right? Well, not necessarily. With the right mindset and organization, you’ll actually be saving money instead! Sign up for cards that allow you to accumulate points or offer special promotions/discounts at participating merchants.


For example, Singapore Amex Cards. That enables you to earn and accumulate Membership Rewards points or KrisFlyer miles.



Stop that impulse. Pause and think for a moment.

Do you really need it or want it that much?

My urge to impulse shop is unimaginable. Once I fall in love with an item, I will just keep thinking about it day and night and I just had to get it! So my trick is to walk away and only come back for it if it still lingers within your mind. Go on, give it a try! Sometimes, I just forgot all about it altogether after a certain cool-down period and that’s when I know that’s my impulse shopper monster taking over me.



And those are my tips and tricks to save money while shopping! I hope it benefited you in some way or another. Have fun shopping! 🙂


Miss Rusty



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