Recently, I’m obsessed with how Koreans apply their makeup and in particular, their use of BB Cushions. These foundation-soaked sponges are not new to me and I have used up a couple of them in the past. However, I have always used either Laneige’s or Etude House’s and I really wanted to try other alternatives within the market. So I went online and was pretty overwhelmed with the wide array of BB Cushions choices. There are just so many different kinds of them now!


Finally, I settled on trying IOPE with high hopes. The brand has garnered many votes from beauty lovers and raves from many. However, the brand has yet to invade the local market here in Singapore and I could only get it online. On the bright side, there are quite a number of online shopping websites that offer IOPE and after much research, I went for Qoo10, getting my IOPE fix from the seller Golden Fishery.

If you are wondering, nope, this is not an advertorial and I purchased it myself. It costs S$34.90 (Case + 2 refills) with a fixed shipping cost of S$3.90. I got with a few other items so shipping is divided among them.



Their Air Cushion XP comes in different kinds. Namely Natural, Intense Cover, Matte Finish just to name a few. They even offer one just for men! I purchased both Natural and Intense Cover, both in the shade 21 since I use Laneige’s in Shade 21 and the colour fits me quite well. Similar to other BB Cushions, IOPE comes with a free refill included in the package.


Now what’s cool is that the case is interchangeable regardless of what cushion you bought from IOPE. And that is also why the casing does not reflect the kind of finish that you purchased. So I got just the refill for the Natural finish so I can just pop it in my Intense finish case once I’m done with it.


Just like any other BB Cushions products, it comes with a blue-based sponge that distributes the foundation evenly on the skin. With a tapping (not brushing nor spreading!) motion, skin is quickly covered up to a flawless finish. BB Cushions are convenient, easy and works great while giving the desired look.

The only downside to me is that the product runs out pretty quickly! That is also probably why they provide a free refill but it sometimes hurts my heart thinking it’s gone that quickly.




I have not used IOPE’s other finishes yet however I’m really loving their Intense finish! You can see the before/after on my nose as shown below. My pores are covered and skintone evened out. The foundation doesn’t cakes up and it looks pretty natural to me. Most importantly, it’s not sticky and feels lightweight on the skin. Needless to say, I’m really loving how it feels and looks.

Both pictures below are NOT PHOTOSHOPPED so you can see the real finish of the product and are only retouched to adjust the lighting. Thought I would put it out there just because.


In conclusion, I feel that it’s a great product which works for me and I would recommend you to try it out too. However, the downside is that there isn’t much choices of colours but that applies to all BB Cushions in general. If you could get your hands on an IOPE Air Cushion XP, try it out and let me know your thought! 🙂


Miss Rusty



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2 thoughts on “IOPE Air Cushion XP Intense Cover Review

  1. j33333

    hi do you think iope #21 is much lighter than laneige #21? have been saw alot of online review out there saying that laneige #21 should be matched with iope #23.


    1. Rusty Heng Post author

      Hello, thanks for leaving me a comment! I’m Laneige #21 and Iope #21 fits me well. The seller that I bought from also advised buyers to get the same shade number. Hope that helps. Thanks! 🙂


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