Weight has not always been an issue that I’ve been battling with.

But now, it is.

Currently, I’m not super overweight but am borderline there. Just around 4 years ago, I used to be quite slim and weight was never a problem to me.

But ever since I started working, the late night suppers and stress snacking during work slowly caught up with me. It could even be the decrease of my metabolism rate with the increase of my age that led to today.

But regardless of whatever reasons, the truth is I’ve put on around 10KG (maybe even more!) and I didn’t even realize it. The extra weight had crept up slowly and surprised me!

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Weight Gain 2011 2015

Here’s a comparison of me during both years 2011 and 2015. It’s obvious that I’ve ballooned. My arms are now significantly bigger and my waist is wider. I’ve been wearing quite a lot of such loose dresses just to hide it. As for my thighs, I couldn’t fit in many of my old bottoms anymore and had to resort to buying new ones. Much larger ones.


Which brings me to today’s topic, weight loss. I’ve tried many times to shake off the extra weight, but I did not succeed. This time, I have London Weight Management to help me. YAY!

You’ve probably heard of London Weight Management before, be it positive or negative. I have too, and have my doubts. I’ve had many sceptical thoughts and have asked tons of questions before I actually went ahead with the treatments. However, once I get to know their system, I understood.

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Brand

This, is my experience with London Weight Management. I will be going through their treatments and sticking (trying my best to at least!) to their meal plan recommendations. I can’t wait for the final results and see if it actually worked! However for this post, I’ll be touching on my first impression of their treatments instead.


London Weight Management claims to offer an effective slimming formula that uses safe and non-surgical techniques to breakdown far deposits in specific regions of the body. They have been in the industry since 2000 and serves only ladies. With their numerous awards over the years, I thought there’s no harm in trying out their program.

  1. Before going through any treatments,a consultation is needed to analyse and customise a treatment plan as they mentioned that thickness of fat layers varies greatly among individuals.
  2. After deriving a customized plan is when the treatments are done to break down localised fat and cellulite on targeted body areas. That’s where the ‘magic’ happens and London Weight Management promises that you’ll experience a loss of 2KG or 8CM overall!


Miss Rusty London Weight Management Trusted Brand


Before I start any treatment, I was first led into a consultation room and my consultant Gina began asking me questions to better understand my concerns and lifestyle and eating habits so she could better advise and plan a customized treatment for me.

When they talk about customizations, it’s worthy to note that they have a structure to follow. What they meant by customizations are:
– Number of treatments
– Products they use during treatments
– Duration for each treatment
– Temperature of warm blankets
– Meal plan recommendations
– Home-care products etc

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Consultation


First step, is to measure my initial weight. I changed out of my clothes and stepped onto the scale. 400G is usually taken off from the weight shown because that’s the weight of the robe that they have provided. Measuring initial weight is important so there’s a comparison with the results after the treatments.

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Weight Check

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Disposables


Treatments usually start off with a hot steam bath. I was told that the process opens up pores for better absorption of products that will be used later on. It also helps to soften dead skin cells, calms the body and improves blood circulation. It gets really hot inside so if you are uncomfortable, simply just step out.

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Steam Bath


After the steam bath, I was led to a treatment room for my lavender sea salt scrub treatment which goes hand-in-hand with their Infrared Warm Blanket. They said that the treatment is equivalent to a set of 360 sit-ups or a 4KM walk! The sea salt scrub is gentle on the skin since the granules are not too large. However, I usually feel a sharp pain whenever I have open cuts so take note of that. Sometimes, I don’t even know I have cuts until the sea salt scrub treatment!

Straight after the scrub, I was wrapped up in the warm blanket and it gets really hot. I started to perspire a lot and my heart rate increased. If the process is too much for you to handle, don’t worry. They have a bell just beside the bed so you can ring it to alert the consultants. Gina came to check in on me every 10-15 minutes to ensure I was holding up and to dab off any perspiration I have on my face.

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Warm Blanket

When the process is done, it’s time to take a shower! Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are all provided so you don’t have to prepare anything. They even got a hair dryer for your usage.

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Hair Dryer


Seemingly scary, it’s actually nothing to be afraid of. After applying the trimming ampoules, Gina placed the pads on me and started the machine. The electro-muscle stimulator is said to help one’s body build lean muscle mass and quicken the body’s fat-burning process. It doesn’t hurt and felt like buzzing sensations. The frequencies can be adjusted so if it’s too much for you, let your consultant know! Gina informed me that if it’s too strong, you’ll feel muscle-ache for the new few days!

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Machine Pads

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Serum Machine

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Machine


After the treatments are done, I was led back to the consultation room and presented with a meal replacement drink. Since I had my appointment at 7pm, I reckon it’s to replace my dinner since I didn’t had any as I rushed down from work. They have 3 different flavours; Apple, Chocolate and Strawberry. I have tried all 3 flavours and they were all yummy! If I had to pick one, I would have chosen the Strawberry flavour.

Miss Rusty London Weight Management Meal Replacement Drink


London Weight Management promises loss of at least 8cm or 2KG after each treatment. So did they live up to it?

After I have gone through both steam bath and electrical muscle stimulation, they measured my weight and dimensions again.

The weighing scale shows a loss of 200G and my consultant measured an overall loss of 8CM!

With those immediate results just after my first trial, I could only imagine how much I would lose after I go through with the whole treatment! I will be updating with another post after the whole treatment process with the results so stay tuned!

For more information about London Weight Management:
Website: www.londonweight.com.sg
Instagram: www.instagram.com/londonweightmanagement
Hotline: 6222 1234


If you’re interested to try out London Weight Management as well, here’s your chance!

They are offering a free Slimming Trial + Fat Burning Product Kit that’s worth a total of S$368. Simply go to this link http://goo.gl/eRlqoB and sign up now!

*When you sign up, there’s a dropdown menu for your preferred outlet. I went to the outlet at Novena Square and my consultant is Gina. You could probably request the same as well. 🙂

[Service was sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]


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  1. Ruth Reff

    Hey I had a similar experience having London Weight Management review my weight problems and i was pleasantly surprised when I actually lost 9cm from waist as they promised after just two session. Of course I signed a package because my wedding is coming up and I want to look my best in my wedding dress. Thanks again for being honest with your review!


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