MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I know that Christmas just passed yesterday and this may be a tad too late so I’m sorry! But I just have to share my love for Lush and their wonderful products with you. Not too long ago, I was invited by the Lush team to be part of their Christmas event at their new Suntec outlet where we enjoyed fun activities like wrapping gifts with their knot wraps and even made our own fresh face masks! Make a guess what those shimmery red half spheres are.

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Ruldolph Face Mask Nose

Making Fresh Face Masks

What an amazing opportunity to actually make our very own fresh face masks! It was an eye opener to see how Lush actually makes their face masks right before my very own eyes. When they say that those masks are preservative-free and are as fresh as they could be, they really do mean it! The mask that we made that night was Rudolph, a Christmas limited edition. With fresh ingredients (mint leaves, cucumber, tofu) bought from Singapore and luxurious ingredients (essential oils) flown from overseas, you’ll be glad to know that all the ingredients that they used are mostly organic as well! Good enough to eat it, good enough to be in your Fresh Face Mask.

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Rudolph Face Mask Ingredients

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Mixing

If you spend your winter outdoors in the frosty air, bring your skin in from the cold with Rudolph! This limited edition Fresh Face Mask soothes and softens dry, irritated skin with nourishing ingredients like calamine, lavender and oatmeal, while fresh mint and cucumber revitalize and replenish skin’s radiance.” – Lush SG

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Rudolph Fresh Face Mask Crush

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Rudolph Fresh Face Mask

With all the wet and dry ingredients blended together into a mushy paste, the product is potted individually on a scale and topped off with a bright red shimmery ‘jelly’ nose. Yes, that’s for you to become Rudolph! I have been using it daily and am loving it so much, I’m now a convert for Lush’s Fresh Face Masks! Especially when I know that the ingredients are all awesome and good for my skin since I watched them make the mask.

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Weigh

Wrapping Gifts with Knot Wraps

Wrapping paper is widely used when giving presents and since it’s the jolly season, you can just imagine how much wrapping paper is used around the world. Too much I would say! And since it’s paper and is thrown away after opening them, wouldn’t it be a better idea to wrap your gift in another recyclable manner? That’s what Lush thinks so too and so they present their knot wraps; a unique way to gift while saving the earth. Fun fact: Each Knot-Wrap is Greenspun from two recycled plastic bottles. How amazing is that?

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Knot Wrap

We learnt various ways of wrapping gifts using their knot wraps and they are adorable! Just look at the ‘backpack’ we created and put on the little bear. So cute!

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Miss Rusty Knot Wrap

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Backpack Knot Wrap

Brought Juliana along to join in the fun as well!

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Juliana and Rusty

The Store

Now if you haven’t stepped into a Lush store, you totally should! I know that it could be really overwhelming with all the scents rushing into your nose at once, but don’t be afraid. Ask for help and Lush’s friendly team will assist you to help introduce their products and ensure you’ll find stuff you love.

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Body

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Soaps

With a wide variety of products ranging from skincare to haircare, they’re famous for their blocks of soaps and now they even have makeup!

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Color

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Lips

Not to mention their bath bombs! I really do hope that I have a bathtub so I could use these. HDB, why do you only provide showers? I need to have a bathtub in my future home, fingers cross. But for now, staycations and vacations are the only times to enjoy a luxurious bath with these babies!

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Bath Bombs

And of course, their Christmas limited editions! I’m not sure when will be the last day they they offer these, so do give them a call before you head down to the store.

Miss Rusty - Lush Suntec Event - Christmas

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