I wanted to get a eyebrow stencil today because my brows are crazy! And I don’t like to go to any places to do my brows because I think it’s kinda a waste of money so I thought I try doing my brows myself! So I wanted stencils. I searched the whole of town and I couldn’t find any. I tweeted and asked Sara aka Icyabstract and Icefrost but they too didn’t know. So I walked and I was at 313 Somerset. I remembered Diana aka AdoreBeauty06 said that Gosh was in the Guardian at 313 Somerset, so I went to check it out. And guess what I found?

Ardell’s Perfection Stencils! I was so excited because I finally found some stencils. But the price was expensive I guess. I know there are more expensive ones but I think this is expensive already. But I thought hey, it’s much cheaper than getting my brows trimmed every now and then. The bf said that it’ll be an investment since I can reuse them, so I got them!

It comes in 4 different stencils – Delicate, Elegant, Glamorous, Classic.

I used the delicate one, if you notice that it’s a little dirty. Pardon me. Haha. It’s actually my first time trying to trim my brows. I have never touched my brows whatsoever before and the results. Well. It’s okay but not very nice. Haha. I kinda tweeze off some and there’s a hole. I don’t know why! I didn’t even pluck out. Bf said maybe there is a little scar. I don’t even remember I having any scar. But anyways, nothing a little makeup can’t do right? Haha.

So that’s my mini haul. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Miss Rusty



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