I don’t usually go to facials and face treatments. However, with my increase number of age, fatigue from work and other external factors like sleeping late and pollution, my skin has been far from ideal. So when the opportunity came for me to try out New York Skin Solutions, I hopped on immediately!


Using only 100% botanical ingredients in their products and services, New York Skin Solutions (NYSS) has been around since 2004 and has earned an excellent reputation in the beauty industry. With proven treatment results for both male and female customers, they have been consistent in delivering quality skincare treatments and achieving excellent results.

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With highly skilled professionals and knowledgeable consultants, in addition to their effective treatments, New York Skin Solutions is able to help with the following skin woes:

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Skin Woes


Before jumping right into the treatment, New York Skin Solutions make it a point to undergo a consultation procedure so as to determine each client’s needs so that they are able to customize the treatments accordingly. This usually happens only during first visits so be prepared to set aside a little more time for your first time there.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Consultation

I was led into a private room for my consultation where an experienced consultant began accessing my skin. Using a dedicated machine that is designed to help look at areas that the naked eye could not, consultants are able to derive a deeper understanding of the skin.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Consultation Machine

After my consultation session, my consultant proceeded to explain and teach me about my skin. I’m glad that I got to know my skin a little better. Turns out, I belong to the combination skin type family, where my T zone is oily but cheeks are dry. Also, I had a lot of congestions around my nose area and hidden pigmentation around my cheeks. So after knowing these issues that I face, New York Skin Solutions began customizing a treatment that tackles my skin woes.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Consultation Skin Type

When I say customization, it does not mean that each and everyone will undergo a whole new different procedure. The skeleton of the process stays the same, but the type of products differ.


Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Remove Makeup

Since I headed over right after work, I needed to have my makeup taken off before undergoing the treatment. So the first step is of course makeup removal. I like how gentle they were at removing my makeup. Because I had waterproof mascara on, it took them a little more time trying to remove it using cotton buds. I appreciate the effort!

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Cleansing

After removing my makeup, they used a Rosemary milk cleanser to cleanse my face. This is where the customization takes place. Because my skin is considered dry, they chose a milk-based cleanser to not strip off more moisture from my skin. It’s both gentle and soothing yet still able to cleanse my face really well.


Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Mist

After cleansing and having a clean face, the treatment is officially started with an Oxygen mask. The idea of this step is to place a mask onto face with oxygen blasting onto the skin. What’s unique and different about this part is that it feels cold instead of the usual hot and I felt relaxed throughout. It feels like someone is constantly misting my face, so it’s not overly cold but cooling. My consultant informed me that this process helps to soften the skin and open up the pores to get ready for the next step – extraction.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Mist 2


Here comes the extraction process! I’m sure this is not new to any facial treatments. For me, I dread the pain yet would love my pores to be free of all the gunk. The technique of the extraction process is very important as well so as not to leave scarring and to minimize the pain factor.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Extractions

However, not all pimples and/or blackheads are suitable to be extracted and are only done for the “ready” ones. If preferred, consultants could show you which ones are “ready” and which ones are not. Also to note, is that redness and sores are common, but should fairly subside within 1 to 3 days time depending on individuals.

But, I did not have much extractions. Why? Because my skin is too dry. If the skin is too dry and extraction is done, breakage of the skin and scarring is more prone to happen. Thus, I only went through a brief extraction process as advised by my consultant.


Following on, a collagen gel is applied onto my face with a face brush. After which, a machine is used that uses Ultrasound waves to better stimulate the collagen gel into the dermis layer of the skin.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Machine Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Machine 3When the machine is used, it feels like there are minor vibrations that helps my skin to better absorb the collagen gel. It’s therapeutic and definitely the most relaxing part of the whole treatment.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Machine 2

After the use of the Ultrasound machine, my consultant then slowly and carefully massages the remaining collagen gel on my face and a relaxing facial point and shoulder massage follows.


Last but definitely not least, we have a double mask to end off the treatment!

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Mask

The first layer that they used on me is a Honey Mask, which is said to improve the hydration levels of my skin. Knowing how dry my skin is, this is definitely the one for me. However, the kind of mask that they use may differ depending on the type of skin that you may have.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Mask 2

After applying the first layer, the second layer is a Hard Mask. It comes in a powder form and water is added to thicken it into a paste. What goes into the powder mixture really depends on each individuals’ skin conditions and concerns.

It looks scary, but really very comfortable and relaxing. I even fell asleep! After the whole treatment ended, my skin is revived and feels fresh and hydrated. I was led back to the consultation room and did another scan to see the difference in my skin!

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions After


If you’re interested to try out New York Skin Solutions and enjoy the luxury of a treatment as well, here’s your chance!

They are offering a complimentary signature facial therapy worth S$300*! Simply go to this link http://goo.gl/u7mjAI and sign up now!

*Applicable for 1st time New York Skin Solutions customers only.

For more information about New York Skin Solutions:
Website: www.newyorkskinsolutions.com.sg

[Service was sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]


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2 thoughts on “New York Skin Solutions Trial Experience

  1. Victorya Tham

    I tried the treatment at new york skin solutions after reading your review. I won’t say I’m 100% convinced it works because I only went for one treatment. But I will have to admit their service was impeccable. I had goosebumps when they did the ultrasound treatment to massage the collagen gel into my pores. It was super shiok.

    Thanks Rusty for the honest review despite it being sponsored.


    1. Rusty Heng Post author

      Hi Victorya,

      Thanks for coming back to this post and let me know how you felt after going through the trial! The ultrasound treatment Collagen treatment really was the best part. Glad you had a positive experience. 🙂


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