It’s another NYX Nude On Nude swatches post! I have done a swatch post on this palette HERE, but that post is swatched on the hand. In this post, I swatched all the lip colors on my lips to show the color and consistency of the lip colors in the palette.

The palette has 10 lip colors which I think the quality is quite impressive. I did not think much of it until I swatched them on my lips. Some made my lips look flawless and juicy, especially the more pigmented colors like red and watermelon shades.


Swatches are from the left to the right.

1). A glittery sheer pink which I think will look gorgeous over any lipstick. It has a slight sheen which reflects light and makes my lips look flawless.

2). A bubblegum, blue-toned pink that looks flawless on its own. I love this color!

3). This pastel pink I’m not too excited about. It’s difficult to apply evenly on the lips and made my lips look cracked.

4). A shimmery neutral-pink shade that makes my lips looks naturally flawless. A my-lips-but-better shade.

5). This sheer nude-pink lip color that is not too shimmery.

6). A watermelon shade that just make lips look juicy! I really like this one too.

7). This looks better than number 3, but it made the cracks in my lips obvious so it’s not a color I would go for.

8). Another watermelon shade that is brighter and darker than number 6. It’s a full on lipstick AND lipgloss! Love this one too!

9). A dark neutral pink that did not do well for me too. Cracks in my lips are obvious.

10). A light pink color that is okay, not very fantastic but still better than most of the pinks.

The lip colors in this palette is quite impressive. I love the darker shades but the lighter shades accentuate the cracks in my lips. It can work but not as wonderfully as the watermelon shades. The consistency is great, like a lip gloss. But it’s not very very sticky, although it is a little sticky. A lip brush is included but I prefer to just use my fingers for application.

Which color is your favourite? Thanks for reading! 😀


Miss Rusty



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