LUMINE Japan 3D Skincare – An original series of premium facial care product that aims to deliver 3 major benefits to users.

What are those 3 major benefits? Read on!

Made in Japan, the line comes with 5 different products, each step to target specific problem areas. You’ll be glad to know that LUMINE Japan 3D skincare does not contain any artificial chemical, coloring, fragrance and preservatives. Being completely natural, it is highly recommended by beauty experts from Japan-West Cosmetic Industry Association.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Overview


Now, what is so special about this series is these 3 major benefits that they are proud to share:

    Produced with a nano-molecular structuring technology that enables fast absorption, it also stimulate facial muscles to promote firmer, sharper and more dimensional skin. This very technology can also help naturally shape facial features for deeper eyes, high cheeks, sharper nose bridge, toned jaw lines and even double chin. Sounds unbelievable isn’t it?
    Salmon Ikura. It’s a precious secret known for more than 200 years only amongst the social high society in Japan, for its high placenta-like skin healing abilities. And now, you can be part of the secret society that knows this secret as well!
    LUMINE Japan 3D offers their products in a concentrated form so only a small amount is needed to deliver fast but long-lasting results. However, even though it’s concentrated, you’ll find that it disappears into the skin in no time.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Overview Products


This facial cleanser claims to gently cleanses and removes dead cells and impurities. As it’s a facial foam, a little bit is all you need. Simply just wet hands and squeeze out a pea size amount. Then lather the product between your hands using light circular motions and create a nice lather foam.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Hydrating Facial Foam

Usually, facial foam strips the natural oils on my skin thus leaving my skin feeling too clean. Yes, there’s such thing as being too clean! And it’s not helping my dry skin. However, LUMINE Japan 3D Hydrating Facial Foam not only helps to remove all the impurities, it also leaves my skin feeling hydrated which is a great plus!

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Hydrating Facial Foam Swatch Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Cleanser Lotion


This acts as a toner that claims to enhance skin to a lifted and firmer rejuvenated glow. 2 to 3 pushes is sufficient to cover both your face and neck. However, if you feel that your skin requires more, go ahead! Then, smooth over the liquid over your skin and tap using your fingertips to help absorption.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Skin Balancing LotionIt’s a clear liquid and goes on the skin nicely. It’s not overly sticky and is absorbed by the skin fairly quickly. It helps prep the skin for the next step which is essential to help the skin to heal well.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Skin Balancing Lotion Swatch


First, is to use their Beauty White Essence. Comes in a circular rube, the essence feels a little on the oily side. But it’s not overly oily and your skin drinks it up in no time. So be rest assured that your skin will not feel like an oil slick.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Beauty White Essence Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Beauty White Essence Pump

For me, 1 pump is more than sufficient. But it’s also because I do not need that much. So if you think you require more, feel free to add a few more pumps. I then rub the product in between my hands to warm it up because applying onto my skin.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Beauty White Essence Pumping


Next is also an essence, but this Advanced Skin Repair Essence helps your skin to renew itself. Don’t get mixed up with the previous step! You are free to use this or the other one first but it doesn’t really matter. Different from the their Beauty White Essence, this comes in a square tube so you’ll know which is which by just a glance.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Advanced Skin Repair EssenceOnce again, I used the same steps that I did before. Pump once into my hands and smooth it all over my face. It’s quite liquidy so you have to work fast! Which also means the product gets absorbed into the skin very quickly.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Advanced Skin Repair Essence Pump


Which brings me to the next and last step, their Rich Emollient Moisturizing Cream! Judging from the name of this product, you would have expected the moisturizer to be very rich. And you’re right! The consistency of the product is quite unusual and I would say it’s in between a jelly and cream.

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Rich Emollient Moisturizing Cream

It’s very moisturizing and helps my skin to hydrate very well. However, as I require to put on makeup in the mornings, I think it’s beneficial for my skin to use this only at night. Doing so, I wake up to soft and highly hydrated skin the next morning!

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan Rich Emollient Moisturizing Cream Closeup

before after

After using, there’s a slight overall brightness of my skin and my skin feels very hydrated. There may not be a huge drastic difference right now because skincare usually needs a long time to sense the difference. But there definitely are some changes to my skin!

Miss Rusty Lumine Japan AllIf you are interested in this skincare, head on to the link below to get some or find more information about it! HAVE FUN!


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It has been a good few months since I last did something to my hair and it has since grown a mind of its own. Other than black roots showing, the condition of my hair has also returned to a frizzy state. Not to mention that the ends look fried and dry.

So guess it’s time for a trip down to Headlines Hairdressing to receive some help from Charles!

Miss Rusty Headlines Hairdressing Before HairMiss Rusty Headlines Hairdressing Before Hair Ends

The first thing that Charles had to do for me is to touch up the Dyna Argan Oil treatment. This is the secret to manageable, soft yet natural hair. Unlike rebonding that damages hair, this Dyna Argan Oil treatment is beneficial to your locks while giving you the hair-commercial kind of look.

If you need further points to know why this treatment is my absolute favourite.

In a nut shell:


– It’s a treatment thus good for your hair instead of harming them.
– Uses Argan Oil (rarest and most expensive plant oil) and is Ammonia free to straighten, repair and nourish hair damaged by frequent dyeing and perming.
– Results in soft, natural smooth hair instead of stick-like hair.
– Hydrates and moisturizes hair.
– Lasts for 4-6 months.
– Rich in Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and 6.
– Shields hair against UV rays.
– Easy maintenance without the use of specialized shampoo or conditioner.

Miss Rusty Headlines Hairdressing After DynaYou can already see the huge difference in my hair before and after the treatment. It immediately smoothens my hair out and looks healthier already. So moving on, the next step would be to retouch the colour of my hair.

Miss Rusty Headlines Hairdressing DyeAnd after a long bob inspired cut, my hair transformation is done! I absolutely love this new hair cut. As I have thin, fine hair, hair volume has always been an issue to me. Layered cuts have been the trend ages ago but I couldn’t pull it off. With this kind of same length cutting technique, my hair now looks thicker and more voluminous!

Miss Rusty Headlines Hairdressing After Back Miss Rusty Headlines Hairdressing Charles

Headlines Hairdressing is now having a promotion where the treatment (either straight or curl) is only S$218 now, when you bring a friend along to do the same treatment! If you are looking to do the same kind as mine (straight at the top and curl at the bottom), it’s S$218 + S$218 each when you bring a friend along.

The price may seem a little over budget, however, if you think about the amount of time and effort you save, waking up to amazing hair without much effort, I think it’s worth it. Not to mention that it’s actually good for you!

Here’s a few more pictures after a few weeks. With the help of Dyna Argan Oil treatment, my hair is easily managed and with the help of the way Charles cut my hair, the time taken to style my hair takes up no time at all!

Miss Rusty Headlines Hairdressing After 1 Miss Rusty Headlines Hairdressing After 2

To book an appointment with the talented Charles, you can find his information below and remember to quote my special quote to save some money. HAVE FUN! 🙂

Website: www.headlines.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/headlines.sg
Address: 18 cross street #01-15 China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Contact: 6221 6866
Hair Stylist: Charles

Quote “MISS RUSTY” to get 10%-30% off all services*. Discount depends on the services. To know which service applies to what discount, contact Charles! Have fun rocking your new look! 😀

*Terms & Conditions apply.


[Service was sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]


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So I went for my first visit to New York Skin Solutions around 2 months ago and have underwent their treatment a few times now. I usually pop by their Ngee Ann outlet after work to indulge myself in a relaxing session of facial treatment and massage.

After each time, I always feel refreshed and my skin is supple and soft to the touch. If you have missed out my post where I touched on the step-by-step of my experience with their trial, you can relive it here: New York Skin Solutions Trial Experience 

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Mist Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Place


I’ve touched on this before, but just to explain further, if you have these skin issues, New York Skin Solutions could definitely help you. With highly skilled professionals and knowledgeable consultants, in addition to their effective treatments, New York Skin Solutions is able to help with the following skin woes:

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Skin Woes


Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Skin ProblemsThe whole treatment consists of a few various steps and my favourite are the following 2.


What I love about this step is how relaxing it feels. After applying the collagen treatment, the ultrasonic machine that they used on me skin feels super awesome, especially after a full day of work!

What’s even more relaxing is the facial point and shoulder massage after.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Trial Machine


The double mask is also something that I enjoyed during my time at New York Skin Solutions. Even though it looks like I’m from a horror movie set during the treatment, my skin feels super smooth, soft and hydrated after.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Mask 2In addition to the treatment, I was also given a set of their own-brand skincare set for me to incorporate into my daily skincare regime. The products that they chose is picked out just for my skin type and concerns so if each individual would have their own personalized set as well.

Miss Rusty New York Skin Solutions Visible Results


If you’re interested to try out New York Skin Solutions and enjoy the luxury of a treatment as well, here’s your chance!

They are offering a complimentary signature facial therapy worth S$300*! Simply go to this link http://goo.gl/u7mjAI and sign up now!

*Applicable for 1st time New York Skin Solutions customers only.

For more information about New York Skin Solutions:
Website: www.newyorkskinsolutions.com.sg

[Service was sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]


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