So I ordered some stuff from Sg Lady. For anyone who doesn’t know the website, it is I found out about this website through facebook. They had an advertisement at the side and I was surfing facebook and saw this website. So I thought, why not just check it out. So when I went into that website, I was so happy! The items there are cheap and mostly asian beauty tools with healthcare stuff and random items. And they all are pretty affordable. So I started my haul.

They have this promotion and I sent around $20, therefore getting a free bra clip, which is always nice to have.

3 – in – 1 eyelash guide template tool

So I got the 3 – in – 1 eyelash guide template tool at $1.90.

I tried it and it helped big time! When I put on mascara, the product ALWAYS gets on my lid, and I hate that! Especially if I already did my eyeshadow. So I loved this product! One thing though, the workmanship of the product ain’t that good. The plastic has sharp edges and is really undone. So when I use the product, sometimes it will prick my skin around my eye. And let me tell you, it hurts!

There are 3 ways to use this product. For your upper eyelashes, lower eyelashes and a comb at the end to comb through your eyelashes. It’s not that easy to use for me, you have to really know how to place the product so it wouldn’t hurt your eye or the skin around your eye. But it’s a helpful tool and the idea is awesome!

So my verdict for this product is 3.5/5.

Japan Epi Stick Facial Hair Removal Tool

I think I am quite late for this product and people has been using it for some time. I got it for $1.90.

It is a tool to help you get rid of unwanted hair on your face. It is not recommended for the eyebrows though, since it’s not a styling tool. It is a spring like tool. You have to bend it just like in the picture and turn either inside or outwards to get rid of the hair. I use it mostly for my upper lip area. Here is a guru talking about it. Featuring Xteener.

Does it hurt? YES! But it’s tolerable. If you ever experience threading for your upper lip, I guess it didn’t hurt as much. Anyways, as time goes by, you will get used to the pain and it’ll feel only a teeny bit of pain. So that’s good. My boyfriend tried it on himself, and he loves it! He was addicted to the thing. The only downside of this tool is that the hair gets stuck inside the spring and I have no idea how to take them out. 🙁

So my verdict of this product is 3.5/5.

2nd Generation Scratch Foot Callus Dead Skin Rasp Remover Stick

I got this thing for $3.90.

I don’t really know how to work this thing effectively so no verdict for this one.

6 pieces holding cable wire

I got this when I got it in the mail. I was impressed. Because it was so cheap, I expect the quality to be quite blah. But it is not. The packaging remind me of Fredflare too. I don’t know why but it does. I’m not sure how it worked because I gave them to my mum instead. It costs $3.90.


Korean Nano Toothbrush! 4 in a pack

I got this because my bf likes toothbrushes with smaller bristles and since it’s quite affordable, I decided to get it and try them. It costs $3.90.

We haven’t used them yet.

Strawberry Hair Curler

And the last thing I got is the famous strawberry hair curler for 4.90. They are selling the original yellow ones at only $3.90 but I figured I want them to look cuter. Haha!

I tried it and I love it! Although I do not have super long hair, it works okay. I only had it for an hour so I can’t say much about it. Here is a video featuring Yaya Lifestyle and see how see explains how to do it.

My verdict is 4/5.

And that’s it! That’s my first haul on onsugar! Hope it helps! 😀



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This giveaway is super exciting!! Why?

The exciting Mac Viva Glam Cyndi and Viva Glam Gaga!! Sad to say, she’ll be ending soon though.

But follow her anyways!


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This is frailheartsofhope’s first giveaway and I am so excited about it! What’s the prize?

Aren’t you excited about it? It’s LUSH!! So do go on to her blog and start following her. 🙂


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