I’m obsessed with fake lashes nowadays! I love how fake lashes can make such a huge difference for my eyes and the overall look in general. Eye appear bigger, you look more refreshed and awake. What’s not to love about them? Yes, they may not be as easy to apply but practice makes perfect! 🙂

These are the lashes that I’m going to wear. They are Ardell’s 120 Demi Black lashes. I love these kind of lashes. Flare at the outer corners, whispy and voluminous.

The fake eyelash glue that I’m using is a gift from Michelle (Icefrost). It’s not available here in Singapore but sold at other Asian countries I suppose, was it Hong Kong? Anyways, it’s really popular!

My eye look of the day!

And here’s my eye without and with these lashes. Look at the HUGE difference! It’s amazing, I’m loving it! Ardell’s lashes are super comfortable as well, I don’t even feel that I have them on my eyes. The lash bone is really soft and flexible. It’s a breeze to put them on!

The picture is a little blurry but I like how my eyes appear bigger! Thanks for reading everyone! 😀


Miss Rusty



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