For a girl that wears makeup everyday, the process and things I use for makeup removal is really important for me. I’m sure you will know by now that it it key that one must removes all traces of makeup at night to let your skin breathe.

Thanks to Pearly for sending me the above 3 items from Bifesta for me to try.

1. Tightening Cotton Cleansing Sheets SGD$15.90 (46 Sheets)
For oily & combination skin

My first impression was of course the packaging and I really like it! It’s compact and yet the opening was hard plastic so it keeps the shape and not filmsy like some other brands.

– Tightens pores with Witch Hazel
– Moisturizes with Glycerin
– Non sticky, refreshing finish

2. Moist Cotton Cleansing Sheets SGD$15.90 (46 Sheets)
For dry & normal skin

Same packaging as the Tightening range, the Moist range comes in a baby Pink packaging while Tightening one is in a baby Blue tone.

– Sloughs off dead skin cells
– Hydrates skin with Ceramide
– Dewy, moist finish

What does Bifesta mean?

“BI” means Beauty in Japanese while “FESTA” is an abbreviation of Festival. Put together, BIFESTA means Beauty Festival! A celebration of beauty where beautiful skin can be achieve quickly and easily with effective makeup removal. WHAT A COOL NAME!

It comes with those seal technology which ensures the cleansing sheets do not dry out.

The above shows the size and texture of 1 cleansing sheet. It’s quite a decent size I would say; I only used 1 sheet for each makeup removal process for my face and is more than enough! My face is not considered small by the way.

Putting Them to the Test!

So I decided to show my testing process. I had a full face of makeup with super red lips. Can all of that be removed?

For the first half of my face, I used the Tightening Cleansing Sheets. A few wipes and all makeup is gone!

Then I proceeded to use the Moist range to remove makeup on the other half of my face. To be honest, I felt that there was not much difference in both ranges of Cleansing Sheets. Maybe my skin is not that sensitive thus being able to use both, which is good! Although these are water based, I somehow could smell a faint scent of Alcohol. However, these cleansing sheets are one of the BEST I have used. It’s able to remove my waterproof mascara which MANY brands out there could not. So thumbs up!

3. Eye and Lip Makeup Remover SGD$12.90

The usual 2 layers; you have to shake and mix them up before usage.

Emollient Layer: Removes waterproof makeup (Contains Vitamin E)
Water Base: Wraps oil & sebum (Contains Vitamin B)

Test Time!

I had FULL eye makeup as shown above. Shook the makeup remover and poured some on my cotton pad. Laid the moist cotton pad on my eye for around 5 seconds and swipe downwards. Look at the last picture; almost all of my eye makeup was GONE! I swear I did not go back and wipe again the second time before taking the picture. Isn’t that AMAZING?

Now on to the lips!

Wearing a super pigmented bright Red lipstick. I did the same thing for the test; pour some makeup remover on a cotton pad and laid it on my lips for around 5 seconds. As seen, I still have some lipstick on my lips, however it only took 2 seconds to remove everything.

Love or Hate?

LOVE THEM! It’s fuss free, easy and affordable at the same time. Ever since I got them, I have been using them everyday to remove my makeup. 1 cleansing sheet is enough to remove my whole face which is cost saving. They are also gentle on my skin. However, my skin does feel a little sticky but I always wash my after removal so that is not a huge problem. In general, they are great and everyone should try them!


1. Bifesta is pronounced as Bee-Festa.
2. It’s the 1st water-based makeup remover in Japan.
3. 3 bottles of Bifesta makeup removers are sold every minute in Japan.
4. Suitable for every skin type, lifestyle & occasion.
5. It’s previously known as Cleansing Express!

Thanks for reading everyone! 🙂


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