Hello people! Yes, it’s another sponsored review. I accepted 2 sponsorships from The Sample Store at the same time thus reviewing them one after the other. This time, it’s not a makeup remover but skin care. Be rest assured that I would be giving my true opinions, the truth and nothing but the truth. Just wanted to reassure you.

This time, I was sponsored 3 skin care products from Eucerin from their DermoPURIFYER line. I was previously sent 3 products from the same line; the cleanser, the scrub which I loved and the creme gel. If you are interested in reading more about them, click HERE.

1). Eucerin DermoPURIFYER’s Active Concentrate (SGD$29.90)

“Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Concentrate with its very light, fast absorbing formula and concentrated Lactic Acid delivers a comedolytic effect and improves skin complexion. Pores are effectively unclogged and purified. In addition the formula containing Decandiol helps prevent the further development of blemishes.”Eucerin

The product is in a glass container which makes it look expensive and of high quality. Following Eucerin DermoPURIFYER’s standard Green colour, the pump of the concentrate is also the same green. It contains 30ml of product and it suitable for blemished prone skin.

Eucerin promises: “Improves overall skin condition with regular use. For a healthy looking, smooth and clearer complexion.”

My Review:

The consistency of this Active Concentrate is really watery but only when you spread it out. When I first pumped it out, the product doesn’t drips down my hand. Only when I spread it out will I feel that it’s light and reminds me of a gel moisturizer. It has a familiar smell which I associate with the smell from the other Eucerin products. I don’t mind the smell, actually I quite like it. It feels kind of luxurious.

After applying the product on my face, the skin absorbs it really quickly without making my skin feels sticky. I like that because I usually apply my Paula Choice serum immediately after. I don’t think I can really see a difference since the time frame I tested this out is quite short, but I think it does helps to minimize my breakouts.

If you have read my previous review about Hada Labo’s Cleansing Oil review, you would have known that my stress during this exam period is really making me breakout. I do think that this has help kept that at bay. I think this would be a great product to have as a prevention method to prevent breakouts. 🙂

2). Eucerin DermoPURIFYER’s Hydrating Care (SGD$25.90)

“Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Hydrating Care provides the skin with light moisturisation and with its unique active ingredient combination, it is effective against skin blemishes in three different ways.” Eucerin

I realized that there is an increasing number of skin care companies that uses this kind of packaging for their products. Not that I’m complaining though, I really like this kind of pump!

“The formula includes:
– Natural Licorice Extract to help soothe and calm the skin
– Decandiol to help prevent skin irritation
– Carnitine, regulates sebum production” – Eucerin

Eucerin promises: “Mattifies and visibly refines the skin’s appearance with regular use. For a healthy looking, smooth and clearer complexion within 4 weeks.”

My Review:

Look! Even the moisturizer itself is the same shade of green! Okay, that’s a cheap thrill. Haha! Anyways, I really like this moisturizer. I personally do not have oily, blemish-prone skin which the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER line targets. I have combination-dry skin but I do think this works for me!

The consistency of the Hydrating Care is in between of a gel and cream. It’s not sticky which I absolutely love and just like what they promise, it does mattify the face. It absorbs really quickly into the skin and doesn’t has a distinct smell. I usually do my makeup right after my morning skin care routine so I really like a moisturizer that can quickly absorb into the skin so I don’t waste time waiting.

To me, moisturizers are to moisturize the skin, so what I look for is really the hydration that a product gives and the feeling of my skin after applying. I think this isn’t the most hydrating moisturizers for my combination-dry skin, but definitely good for those who has oily and blemish-prone skin which they identified. The matte feeling I get after applying is what I really like.

3). Eucerin DermoPURIFYER’s Active Night Care (SGD$25.90)

“Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Night Care improves skin complexion by delivering a comedolytic effect during the night. Its formula uses a unique Folicle Targeting System to deliver Lactic Acid directly to the follicles in order to act against skin blemishes where they originate. Thus the highly effective formula contributes to visibly reduce blemishes and helps prevent the formation of new ones. Additionally the product supports the skin’s own regeneration overnight.”Eucerin

The packaging of this product is just a normal sleek squeeze tube, nothing really interesting.

Eucerin promises: “Helps improve the condition of the skin during night. For a healthy looking, smooth and clearer complexion.”

My Review:

Sadly, the product is not green but the usual white. It has the same familiar scent with the Active Concentrate. It kind of reminds me of the Creme Gel that I reviewed previously, but the less thick version of it. It is definitely thicker than the Hydrating Care though, since it’s a night moisturizer and night creams are supposed to be thicker and last throughout the night.

This product is definitely harder to spread and apply since the consistency is thicker. It didn’t absorb as quickly but that doesn’t really bother me since it’s the last step of my skin care routine anyways. It feels sticky at first but will go away relatively quick.

How do I use them?

And now, the way I use these products! Yes, you’ll see my bare face once again. After cleansing my face, I usually apply my spot treatments and eye creams. Then, I’ll pump out a pump of Eucerin’s Active Concentrate just like in the picture below. I would rub it in my hands and then apply it to my face.

That’s the face! Haha! I try to apply products in a upwards motion to defy gravity so my face would stay up and not sag. Well, who knows if it works. I try, hoping it does work. :p

After applying the Active Concentrate, I usually proceed with my Paula Choice serum. After which, I would apply the respective moisturizers. During the day, I use Eucerin DermoPURIFYER’s Hydrating Care. I pumped 1 pump into the tips of my fingers and rubbed it out too.

Yes, rub them out. Haha! I like to do this because I don’t want to over apply too much product on my skin. That would leave my skin really greasy. I think this method works best for me at least.

Once the product is spread out between my fingers, I then use the same upwards motion and apply it to my face. Please pardon my nails as I’m trying out new colours. Nail posts soon!

As for my skin care routine at night, I basically do the exact same thing. Just that instead of the Hydrating Care’s green moisturizer, I use Eucerin DermoPURIFYER’s Active Night Care which is white. Basically the same way of rubbing and apply and I’m done!

If you are interested in the 3 products that I have just reviewed, you can find them at most leading pharmacies, Guardian, Watsons, Unity, hospital retail pharmacies and National Skin Centre.

Do like Eucerin’s Facebook Page to redeem free samples. The last time I checked, the samples are out of stock but I believe that they will replenish soon. Do keep a lookout for that.

Meanwhile, here is a $3 Off Watsons Voucher for you to use with purchase of the products!

Thanks for reading everyone! 😀


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