I have heard so much about L’Oreal Paris’ NEW Excellence Fashion hair dyes and I wanted to do something to spice up my hair this Chinese New Year. What’s a better chance to get it when Watsons is offering a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion only for 3 days! So I got 2 hair dyes for SGD$18.90.

2 I love Red hair so much and the line offers various kinds of Reds that I had quite a difficult time choosing what color I wanted. In the end, I chose Intense Violet Redย andย thought it would be awesome to have some tones of Violet in my hair as well.3

Boyfriend’s youngest niece approves of this color!1

Inside the box contains these few items.


Gloves are hidden between the instructions booklet.


Before doing anything, what I found different from other DIY hair dyes is that they provided a protective pre-color serum that helps seal in the color in your strands.


Then of course we have the colorant and developer.


Which we have to mix them together.9

Changed the top and we are all ready for the dyeing process!10

Don’t forget the gloves, I almost forget mine because this little one took them!

12 Here we go!ย 11 13

Doesn’t it look like blood? So scary looking!16

After 30 minutes of waiting, I proceeded to rinse it out. The scene was really scary!14

Last step is to use the conditioner provided and yes, she took it again.15

For the boyfriend, he chose this color. His second youngest niece approves!17

He chose a color not that striking and just wanted his roots to be evenly coated.18 19

Items included similar to mine.
20 21

Following the same procedure, the boyfriend started his process as well.22 23

The final results!111

I absolutely LOVE my hair color now! The color is just like its name, Intense Violet Red.22222

The boyfriend!3333 44444


Both the boyfriend and I really loved the formula of these hair dyes. The smell of dye wasn’t strong and was bearable. The consistency of the dye was easy to work with as well; it did drip sometimes but not to the extend of dripping everywhere. Loved the comb that was attached to the container too, it definitely made the process of dyeing much easier.

When rinsing the dye off after 30 minutes of wait, I realized that my hair was incredibly soft and smooth! Totally not the kind of knotty texture that other dyes did to my hair. The formula is indeed moisturizing. I’ve heard others who used this hair dye that the color stays ย vibrant for a really long time. Hopefully mine would as well.

Hope you all enjoyed reading! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚



Miss Rusty



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17 thoughts on “Review: L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion/Creme Hair Dye

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  2. Tb

    I want to buy loral touch on highlights in colour creamy caramel.
    Can u please tell me where can i find it in singapore.i hv already chkd watson n guardian


    1. Rusty Heng

      Hey Diana, great news! L’Oreal has replied me! So this is what they have replied me:

      “In Singapore, there is no legal requirement to seek halal certification for cosmetic products, and MUIS also does not provide halal certification on cosmetic products, concentrating only on food products. As such, we can only seek halal certification from foreign certification bodies, and at the moment, there is no common standard certification body. Our products used to be halal-certified by IFANSA, but our neighbouring country Malaysia does not recognise it anymore, and are themselves seeking certification from their local body JAKIM.

      We are aware that halal certification is an important issue for our Muslim customers and is pushing for an official reply, as of now we would recommend she uses Garnier Nutrisse instead.”

      Hope this helps babe! <3


  3. Jess

    Hi, does the dye stain your scalp? Also, is the colour very bright? I want to try it but I’m afraid it’ll come out too bright ๐Ÿ™ Thanks.


    1. Rusty

      Hi Jess! From the naked eye, nope it doesn’t stain my scalp. However, when I went to an event and had the chance to scrutinize my scalp from a machine that magnified my scalp many times, I can see some of the dye stained on my scalp. The colour is not that bright when indoors and is brighter under sunlight outdoors. However that being said, it also depends the original color of your hair, the degree your hair ‘absorbs’ the dye and also your threshold of a bright color. Hope this helps babe! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Rusty

      It really depends on the amount of light that is shining on the hair. It gets pretty bright red under the sun, however it looks quite wearable indoors. Also, do take note that the brightness depends on your hair color and also the rate that your hair ‘eats’ the dye so it’s quite subjective. If you have dark brown/black hair like me, then I feel it would be quite wearable indoors. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Meoww

    Hey, after reading your review, i actually went to try the same product ! But can i check with you, cause after i dyed my hair, each time i bath, the dye comes off, as in like the colour of the water turns red. did that happen to you too? and how long did the ‘violet red’ actually last on your hair?


    1. Rusty Post author

      Hello! It’s great to hear that you went to try the product after reading my review. ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes, the color of the water turns red as well for me, however, that experience only lasted for around 2-3 washes. Maybe I leave the water running through my hair thats why it the discoloration only lasted for around 2-3 washes. The color is still visible on my hair up till now, so it has already been 2 months plus? I have friends that commented that my hair color lasted way longer than their salon-dyed one, so that’s a plus! Also, I used color-care hair products (shampoo & conditioner) which I felt helped with the longer wear as well. Hope this helps babe! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. FreckledEgg

    Wah! I really like the colour! I know it’s weird but is this hair dye only in singapore?! ‘Cause I keep hearing good reviews but it’s nowhere online so I can’t get it for my sister ;O;

    Please Reply!


        1. Rusty Post author

          Hello! I’ve already asked the team at L’Oreal. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Singapore and Hong Kong at the moment. Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚


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