This little baby is new in Watsons! There aren’t many lip stains in the drugstore market so I thought why not try it out. It’s Revlon’s Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm. The color I got is Dawn and costs SGD$16.90 but there’s 20% off Revlon so I only paid SGD$13.52 which I think should be the right price, SGD$16.90 is a little too steep IMO.

” -Kiss-proof color with soft shine
-Nourishing balm for supreme comfort
-Lipstain and balm in one convenient, dual-ended package
-Lipstain marker provides precise application
-Color does not smudge or streak
-Contains vitamin C for for anti-oxidant protection
-Creamy, lightweight balm melts onto lips for smooth, glide-on application
-Translucent balm provides instant moisture and soft shine
-Available in 10 lightweight shades “

– Revlon Website

I’m not sure if Watsons brought in all 10 shades though. I saw 2 neutral shades, 1 bright pink, orange, plum I think.

The product has the lipstain on 1 side while the lip balm on another. I know that I have to be really careful with the lip balm because the testers’ balms in stores were ruined and these are new at Watsons.


Just the lip stain on the left, lipstain + balm over on the right.

Of course, I have to show pictures of how the product looks like on my lips.


” Step 1: Apply lip stain evenly to clean, bare lips and wait 30 seconds. Build color and coverage as desired.

Step 2: Follow with moisturizing lip balm. Reapply as desired for knockout shine and moisture throughout the day. “

– Revlon Website

Bare lips:

Just the lip stain:

Lip stain + balm over:

Under natural sunlight:

Under natural sunlight, my lips looked like they were bleeding! Lips has to be perfectly exfoliated EVENLY. I stress the word evenly because I exfoliated my lips just before applying the product. My lips were soft and smooth to the touch and yet the lip stain still managed to emphasize areas that has a little more dead skin.

What I noticed about this product is that swatches on the skin do not work! I swatched in stores and found it to be the most natural and neutral shade. Other shades were brighter and darker. Boy was I wrong. It turns out to be a bloody red color on my lips! So if testers do not help much, I think color has to be based on trial and error. Everyone’s lip color is different as well, so color of the lip stains may differ. Staying power wise, it’s amazing. A pain to remove but definitely long lasting. It stays put very well! The balm isn’t exactly the most hydrating one but it does makes the lips looks pretty good.

I wouldn’t ask everyone to rush out to get it now because obviously it didn’t made my lips look super awesome, but I may have just chose the wrong color. I MAY get another color soon though, just to try out and since Watsons still has 20%, why not? Thanks for reading! 😀


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