Christmas came early this year for me, thanks to Sephora!

Kat Von D only came to Singapore April this year and I have heard nothing but raves for this brand. So I’m pretty excited to be able to get my hands on some of them!

This haul, I’ve got:

  • Shade + Light Contour Palette
  • Shade + Light Contour Brush
  • Lock-It Foundation in Medium 53 Warm

With all just face products, I’m determined this time to achieve a flawless sculpted look suitable for both day and night. I gave myself some time to try the products out and here’s my thoughts on them.





“Expert sketch artist Kat Von D uses shadows and light to create depth and dimension in her captivating portraits. Take artistry shading into your own hands with the Shade + Light Contour Palette, an exclusive set of three contouring and three highlighting shades to sculpt, chisel and shape your face. Unlike traditional bronzing powders, this palette is loaded with a unique selection of matte shades that capture the true hues of shadows and light. These silky, buildable powders blend flawlessly into the skin, won’t fade throughout and the day and flatter every skin tone and face shape.” – Sephora Singapore

The rule here is to darken the shadows and highlight the places where the light touches. This way, the face will be more contoured and defined.

But not everyone contours right?

Even if I do, it’s not for the everyday girl!

Well, guess what?

Everyone is able to contour on a daily basis. And it doesn’t even take that much time!

With Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Contour Palette, the powders are pigmented yet easily blendable. Which makes it simple and effortless for anyone to be able to rock the sculpted look everyday! They are also very buildable so always start with a light hand and slowly add on if needed.



The palette itself is pretty sturdy and has the words “Shade + Light” embossed at the top. I’m glad to say that the packaging isn’t filmsy at all and is in fact, very well made.

The products are safely housed within the palette and is accompanied with a decent size mirror. I also like how they used magnets so there’s no unsightly latches which would have ruined the sleek design of the palette.



The shadows wears well on my skin and can still be seen at the end of the day. For my skin tone, I mostly used Shadowplay during the day and Subconscious at night to contour.

The colour doesn’t look muddy or orange and if none of the individual colours suit you, you can always mix them to achieve your perfect shade.

However, I used the light shades to set my concealer under my eyes instead of highlighting. But that’s just my preference. Because these shadows are matte, I felt it’s not highlighting my flat features enough. What can I say? I love shimmering highlights!

But, do I still love it?

Yes, I do!

If you want a contour palette and is considering if this is the right one for you, I would recommend this regardless if you are a professional or just a beginner. The shadows are of great quality and is pretty forgiving.

TIP! You can even use the shades as eyeshadows!

miss-rusty-kat-von-d-sephora-review-shade-light-contour-palette-swatchesFrom Left to Right: Lucid, Lyric, Levitation, Sombre, Shadowplay, Subsconcious

Along the palette also comes an illustrated tutorial insert which shows you 3 different ways to fully utilise the product for a well defined face.

First, the card teaches you how to achieve higher cheekbones. (You perhaps would have to do the fishy face for this one!)

Next step is to define your jawline for a slimmer face. Now who doesn’t want a V-shaped face, right?

Lastly, it’s the nose. This technique that the card teaches you would have you rock a slimmer and higher nose bridge!



“Experience the transformative power of contouring with this advanced multipurpose brush. Specially designed by Kat Von D to be paired with the Shade + Light Contour Palette, this brush’s powerful two-in-one design combines the density of a contouring brush with the tapered accuracy of a highlighting brush to deliver ultimate precision and versatility. Glide the angled end along the hollows of your cheeks and temples for effortless sculpting; guide the tapered domed end along desired areas to enhance and illuminate features. Artfully constructed with super soft, white-tipped synthetic bristles on both ends, its gradient brush hairs expertly pick up and diffuse high-pigment powders for seamless blending. This ultimate contouring tool comes encased within a beautiful coffin-shaped case to keep it protected on the go.” – Sephora Singapore


I cannot get over how the brush comes protected in a pretty plastic case! It may not be of super good quality, but it’s already a bonus to me to be able to store the brush, protected from all the dust.


The bristles are so soft and I like how it’s dual ended that served both purpose of shading and highlighting, making the process a breeze!

Using the angled bristles for contouring, the size is just nice to focus the shadows in the contours, creating a natural yet well defined look.

For highlighting, I used the tapered bristles and its light touch accentuates the facial features like my nose bridge.

It’s a perfect combo pairing with Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Contour Palette. It distributes the shadows evenly and doesn’t poke at my skin. It may seem pretty pricey just for a brush, but to me, it’s worth every cent.



“Kat Von D created this foundation to provide exceptional coverage without compromising a smooth, striking finish. The powerful high-pigment formula matches a broad range of skintones with bold, full coverage. A combination of raw materials and the best siliconic elastomers and siliconic esters provide 24-hour wear with transfer resistance. Natural polymers absorb oil for a matte, soft finish, and the added emollients provide a velvety texture for perfectly-smooth, hydrated skin.” – Sephora Singapore



How gorgeous is the bottle? I love how good it feels in my hands and especially love the airless chamber that prevents any contamination.

The pump also dispenses just the right amount so I don’t have to waste any of the foundation.

Another benefit to note is that the product is paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free!


How I would describe this foundation is that it has more of a thicker consistency. However, it spreads easily and blends well. But, you have to work really fast for this.

Thus, I divide my face is 7 different sections and slowly work my around. Bottom half of my right cheek, top half of my right cheek, same for my left cheek, forehead, nose and chin.

It dries up really quickly so speed is important. Once applied, the foundation dries to a matte finish and gives the skin a flawless polished look.


Just a glimpse of how all the above products look like on my face.



Interested to give the products a go?

Shop Kat Von D here!

[Products were sponsored for my honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company.]


Miss Rusty



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