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With the growth and convenience of the online world. I have found myself depending a lot on it. Dependence may still be an understatement, obsession is more like it. The first thing I do when I wake up is to check my phone, work is always on the computer and what do I do for leisure? Going back to the comfort area of being part of the virtual society. Heck the cons that surfaced like I’m missing out on real life and that I’m not smelling the flowers. The pros of connecting digitally has far achieved a much higher graph in comparison.

Miss Rusty - 65daigou - Shopping Online Awesome

Online shopping is not a new obsession of many. The convenience and element of surprise has hooked hearts. It’s like a drug; once you tried it, you cannot go back. Not to mention that the prices are way more competitive than what brick-and-mortar stores are offering. But which one would I choose? Shopping virtually or actual shopping? I say to strike the perfect balance. A little bit of both! But now as we speak about virtual purchasing, let me share my latest obsession with you – TAOBAO SEA USING 65DAIGOU.


I have always put off purchasing from TaoBao SEA because I’m afraid. I’m always overwhelmed by the choices and the process that I close the tab, feeling frustrated. Until I discovered 65daigou then I decided to give it a go. And I’m super glad to say that I’m hooked ever since! I’ve got myself necklaces starting from S$0.23 and a faux leather jacket for only S$20. You can see more items that I purchased on my 1st TaoBao SEA haul!



Three words. Reliable, easy and convenient. Now isn’t that enough to shop at TaoBao SEA via 65daigou? There are many overseas websites that you can shop with using their service as well. Even from Taiwan and USA websites, brands like Amazon, GoJane and Kate Space etc. And I’m very much in love with their copy-and-paste method of purchasing; makes shopping so much easier. Also, they don’t just purchase for us, 65daigou actually cares! They provide additional services that helped make my shopping experience much more comfortable. Below shows the reasons for my strong affection to 65daigou.

But why can’t I just order from TaoBao SEA directly? Isn’t it much faster and hassle-free since a middle man is now not needed?


1. Cheaper Shipping Costs

Just imagine that you have purchased 10 items from TaoBao SEA and are all from different suppliers. You would be so confused as you receive 10 different shipping quotes for those 10 items. Also, the international shipping rate would differ with different suppliers and you’ve got no way out to bargain for cheaper alternatives. Sometimes, they even rip you off with exorbitant shipment prices that the shipping costs are way more than the item that you have purchased!

2. Additional Service of Inspection

Don’t you just hate it when you have bought a damaged item and had to return to the store for an exchange? There’s no way you could do that with TaoBao SEA’s suppliers! The shipping you have to pay to and fro wouldn’t be worth it and would make so much more sense to purchase another one. However, with 65daigou, they have an awesome service to help inspect your goodies so you can be ensured every item you buy is in good condition! They repack as well to save space and your shipping costs.


Personal Experience: I ordered a necklace and it was broken. 65daigou checked, found the damage and even took the extra effort to take a picture to show me. They also helped to liaise with the supplier for an exchange of the product. All through their own initiative!

3. English Available

Since TaoBao SEA originated from China, naturally the main language used would be Mandarin. So what happens now if Mandarin is a foreign language or just not your forte? There’s only so much Google Translate could do for you. 65daigou thought about it and now you are able to shop the best sellers of others are buying, in English!

Personal Experience: I am fine with Mandarin, however, sometimes I just do not know what to search for. Looking at this web-link enables me to view what others are buying and discover new items that I may not be able to see otherwise.


Have I also mentioned that they have a mobile application which makes shopping so much easier? Also, it’s more convenient to track the status of your purchases. It’s so amazing, I love it!

4. Easy Collection

There are so many collection points in Singapore that 65daigou offers that it’s so easy and convenient. They also provide home delivery that’s cheaper than cabbing for self collection. Look at all the areas that they could meet you at, even at neighbourhood points!

Personal Experience: I have tried their home delivery system and it’s amazing. They let you know every status detail of your package that I am notified down to the very minute when my package is coming. I have also tried self collection which makes things easier since there’s no waiting time.


So, if you have been putting off satisfying your inner shopaholic because of the hassle, I hope I have more than enough reasons to lure you back on track using 65daigou. Who knows? You’ll be able to save some moolah getting the best deals! Let you in on a secret. I’m patiently waiting for my next package to arrive. So stay tuned for my next post showing you how and what I’ve got! 🙂


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